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Forum Rules

Postby Roland

1) The administrators (Island Keepers) and moderators (Island Rangers) of will attempt to keep all objectionable material off this forum, however it is impossible for us to review all messages. We will therefore rely on forum users to report any abusive or potentially illegal material via the report button (the little ! top right of each post) to help police the forum in keeping with the vibe of the board which aims to be laid back, fun and informative. It should be noted that standard members who repeatedly act as moderators by their actions towards other members, and/or who repeatedly hit the report button without justification will be warned.

2) All views expressed are entirely those of the author and do not represent the views of The owners of the forum will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

3) By agreeing to these rules you warrant that you will not post messages which are hateful, threatening, intimidating, obscene, sexually oriented or otherwise violate any laws.

4) Newly registered members will automatically be placed into premod where their posts will only appear on the forum after approval from a moderator. This is a necessary step to stop spammers and internet trolls. Newly registered users will become fully fledged Islanders at the earliest opportunity after they are deemed to be legitimate. Please be patient for this process to occur as only administrators have rights to upgrade accounts and they are not always available.

5) Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum description before creating a topic. Users persistently posting to the wrong forum will be given a warning if it is considered to be deliberate.

6) Members should remember this message board is aimed at a general audience. Whilst swearing is tolerated in the right context, persistent over use, deliberate bypassing of the swear filter, or inappropriate use of swear words will result in a warning. If you do not wish to see the swearing, you may use the swear filter which is located in your control panel. By default the filter is on so alternatively if you want to see the swearing you must turn the filter off (User Control Panel, Board Preferences, Edit Display Options, Enable Word Censoring to "off").

6) Pornographic or otherwise offensive images are not permitted in any posts or avatars. Links to pornographic or otherwise offensive images are permitted, provided a warning accompanies the link.

7) Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users and media. If large sections of copyrighted text or images are reproduced, then a link to the source is required. Members blatantly flouting this rule will be warned.

8 ) Defamation of character or libellous comments especially those aimed at professional snooker players will be removed and the poster warned. Discussions on ongoing disciplinary matters will be treated with extreme caution by moderators. The blatant disregard for any findings by regulatory authorities will result in a warning.

9) Members should post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". Persistent “text speak” or posts in capital letters will result in a warning without good reason (e.g. dyslexia). There is no fixed limit to use of smilies, however it is at the discretion of the administrators / moderators as to what constitutes excessive use. For exceptions see note 15) on the “Junkyard” forum.

10) Spam is not permitted under any circumstances. Users spreading spam or automated user accounts will be removed immediately and the IP address banned from

11) The admin and moderating teams reserve the right to edit, remove or put on moderation queue any post at any time.

12) The above forum rules where applicable (i.e. abusive messages, bullying) also apply to private messages. If a member receives and reports a private message which violates any rules, similar action will be taken as if the offending material were published on the public forum.

14) Certain sections of forums (for example Coaching and Snooker History) are intended for serious, enjoyable, informative and intelligent debate. “Chatting” posts and other off topic posts will be removed. It is intended certain sections grow to become a significant database of snooker information gathered from an unlimited source pool of contributors, and which will be a wealth of information for the casual or more hardcore browser to revisit many times over. Therefore members deliberately clogging these sections with off topic material in attempt to frustrate the forum owners risk a lengthy ban.

15) The Junkyard forum is intended as a place of light relief. The rules in this section are deliberately relaxed. Members may post nonsense posts to raise their post count, make posts consisting of nothing but smilies, or quote quotes containing quotes with nothing informative inside to their hearts content. The only thing not tolerated is behaviour defined in rules 3), 6), 7) and 8). The Junkyard section is also used as a dumping ground for off topic posts from other sections of It is at the discretion of the admin / moderation team how they choose to do this i.e. create new topic or dump posts inside a nonsense topic.

16) Internet trolls are not tolerated. These are people who take pleasure in causing arguements, and on occasion use multiple identities with the purpose of disrupting a message board and creating in fighting between members. Anyone displaying the characteristics of a troll will be closely monitored and permanently banned without warning from at the discretion of the admin / moderators.

17) Any members found to be posting under more than one username will be warned. If necessary IP addresses will be traced in order to determine if this has taken place.

19) Any member receiving 3 warnings inside 6 months will face a ban, the length of which will be agreed between admin and moderators depending on severity of the offences in question.

20) Warnings will be scrubbed after a period of 6 months however certain more severe warnings may remain on record for a longer period of time at the discretion of the administrators.

21) The main rule is to enjoy posting here and join in the fun. Snooker is a passion for many people and the rules above should ensure the people that matter want to stay and help Snooker Island to thrive.

Re: Forum Rules

Postby Dan-cat

22) Posting fake scores, or early scores (before the frame is finished) in tournament threads, is a bannable offence, after two warnings.

If a player is on a break and has passed the snookers needed stage, it is perfectly permissible to write 'Looks like Yan will take this one, barring snookers' or even if snookers are not required 'Ronnie should have this now' BUT posting the score as a done deal is a big no no. '6 nil, barring snookers' is also OK.