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Greetings from Brazil

Postby Maimone

Hi there everyone, nice to find a place where there's a lot of snooker fans!

My name is Mario, I'm 20 and I'm from Brazil. I was born in Sao Paulo (many of you may have heard about) but nowadays I live in a smaller city called Campo Grande. I've been playing, watching and loving snooker for 6 months now, but I'm already a huge fan.

Snooker scene down here isn't the greatest, though you may have seen Itaro Santos and Igor Figueiredo showing some decent snooker during the world cup, there are a lot of obstacles to play snooker here. The first thing is that snooker is generally related to misspent youth and time, though it's considered a sport, people don't see it as one. The second problem is that we don't use the regular 12x6 feet table, our tables are smaller and the main rule used here is a lot different. If you read Steve Davis' autobiography you may know what I'm talking about. The table is smaller, the balls are bigger and the pockets are tighter. There's only one red and the six colours. This is the rule in wich I learned to play, and it's basically the only rule players play on snooker halls. Some of them also play six red snooker with regular balls and pockets (as I do), but most of the older players don't like it. It's already a big thing that the national competitions are being played on 12x6 feet table, but there aren't many people that have access to it. So, playing on a 12x6 feet table is a dream yet to come true.

If anyone want to know a little bit more about brazilian snooker rule, here's a video of Steve Davis playing the great late Roberto Carlos (one of the most famous brazilian players in history, alongside Rui Chapeu) in a match that took place in Sao Paulo, 1986. On this trip to Brazil, Tony Meo and Barry Hearn came alongside Steve Davis.

So, that's it. I hope we'll have a wonderfull time discussing this beautiful game, and I hope there are some brazilian mates here!

Greetings! :-D

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby roy142857

Great to have you on board.

Also good that the Brazilian association seems to be getting behind young players now, with a return to sending players to international competitions. Three players entered for next months IBSF World Under21s in Romania - Matheus Fatuch Pontarolli, Gabriel Martins Campos and Amaury Brasil Rocha Filho - know nothing about them I'm afraid!

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby TheSaviour

Good to have you here. Now when Figueiredo is seemingly starting to play so well and Rio 2016 is fastly approaching.

Stay tuned.

I would love to have some dutch members here as well. I love Amsterdam. I always recommend people to travel Asmterdam (or somewhere in south-Europe) instead of some other places and so called great cities. Amsterdam have a great array of some superb beers, churches, an art museums, and obviously a troubled geniuses Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh! Art meets alcohol. What else you would need? A scores of people every now and then seemingly are getting delusional about what a human life should be. Then I recommend them to familiar themselves with the paintings of Rembrandt and Van Gogh!

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby Dan-cat

Yo Maimone!

I really enjoyed your post. I just read the Nugget's new book and was interested in his Brazil adventure where he had to learn a new game very quickly indeed. Thanks for posting the video :) I played three cushion carom in Columbia last year, fiendishly difficult.

TheSaviour - we do have a Dutch poster - Pasuna Giraffe, she's from Amsterdam. I don't think she's been too active since the World Champs though, much the same as everyone else (myself included). The forum will be quiet until bigger events get under way later in the season and then it goes mental sometimes! 100% agree with you on Amsterdam - a wonderful and beautiful city.

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby Dan-cat

ps. We have the same 'misspent youth' tag here in the UK for anyone who is half decent at snooker or pool. I was beating the adults in my local pub team when I was 15/16 and I was constantly accused of it. I didn't misspend my youth, it was full of colourful past-times, snooker was just one of them! I did have a 6 x 3 table in my bedroom from about age 12. My room was small, and it was in the corner, and I had to get really good at positional play as I could only shoot from the top and one side!

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby Maimone

roy142857 - I'm sure glad aswell that CBBS (in portuguese Confederacao Brasileira de Bilhar e Sinuca, in english Brazilian Snooker and Billiards Confederation) is now behind new talents. Must say I don't know any of these players, hope they're good :D

TheSaviour - Igor has improved a lot, I hope we'll be able to see him at the Crucible in no time. Would be awesome to have the first ever player from South America to play there. About visiting Amsterdan and south-Europe, I surely plan on doing so, really looking foward to have a tour on Europe .

Dan-cat - I've read about the 'mispent tag' in UK on Steve's book, but surely snooker is in a lot better place in Europe than down here in South America. I had a small table as well, but it was really small! Like a toy... :-D

Thanks y'all.

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby gallantrabbit

Another member from Brazil Cool. How are you Maimone? Shame you're no longer in São Paulo or we could meet for a frame or two.
I've never really got used to the Brazilian rules sinuca and would always prefer 12*6 tables, but they're hard to come by.
Igor seems able to scratch a living, but I know he'd prefer a shot on the main tour other than sporadic visits.
Unfortunately Mimone we had our chance on the circuit with the Brazilian masters, but managed to screw it by isolating it down in Floripa...unfortuntely after the quick buck, rather than a little sustained growth.
Good to have you on board.

Re: Greetings from Brazil

Postby Gridlock

Maimone wrote:Dan-cat: I was going to try to explain, but I found quite difficult to write it right, so you can read the Wikipedia article about, it's very simple:
I just now found this! Cool stuff you guys!
Hope you can understand now! :-D