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Been lurking here for a while, finally decided i might finally start writing here also. Main reason for me not doing so before is my lack of skills writing in english, but hopefully people can understand me.

I am from Finland and my first contact with the game was when Robertson won the WC in 2010. Since then i've watched almost every tournament that ES has showed. I love to read snooker articles and want to learn different aspects of the game. I'm not much of a player myself, but i try to play as much as i can. Luckily we have 2 decent clubs in our town.

Most of all, i like to discuss the game itself. I'm not intrested wheter Hendry or ROS is the best player ever. I dont care, if Selt is a bellend or not. IMO analysing their game is much more satisfying. I like to compare my views with others: why did he take that shot, which shot a certain player usually plays and why etc. Rolands old article about Ding's playing style was great, hope he has time to write similar articles in the future.

Next three weeks are best times in our sport, right? Have a happy Crucible!

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Postby Andre147

Welcome mate <ok>

And let me tell you your English is perfectly allright, hoping to have interesting Snooker discussions with you.

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Postby sundaygirl

Hello clupeaharengus
Welcome to the island :parrot:

Many people who post here don't speak English as their first language and they often make more sense than those who do <laugh>