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John From London Town (MBE)

Postby JohnMcBride

Johnboy here, (I forgot my password to my old account).
Back to say hello, hopefully pop in regularly, I'm back playing, this is going to be my first FULL season in years, I still adore the game, I'm still good looking & still love to play & party too.

John McBride :dance2:

Re: John From London Town (MBE)

Postby JohnMcBride

Hi Vodka & Hi Roy, Thanks men.
Yeah Roy, I'm hitting them mate, here's one for you, which I won last month. ... 541415.htm

This is me first full season back, I gotta few aspirations left if I'm honest, Over 40's style or Masters as there called this side of the pond & mostly 'per se' now in the game European wide, as you probably know too.
There's a nice piece about me in this months (April) Snooker Scene too, not sure if you've picked it up?

All good mate here & great to see you still flying the flag for Irish Snooker too Roy. Proper job mate.
Sound... J xx