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Greetings from Portugal!

Postby renatopt

Hello everyone! My name is Renato, 19 years old, from a small town lost in the middle of Portugal. I guess it's time to stop lurking. :mosh:

I'm not a snooker expert by any mean. I started watching somewhere during the 2011 World Championship I one of those zapping sessions, until I stopped at Eurosport and got really hooked watching Judd Trump playing against Imnotsurewho (not Higgins). I'm also a big fan of Luca Brecel and Robin Hull, but between the top guys I don't really have favorites. I just like to enjoy a non-scrappy match, I guess (which sometimes isn't easy <laugh> ).

Not sure what I should add, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. (*Disclaimer: I may or may not answer you.*)


Re: Greetings from Portugal!

Postby renatopt

Sorry for the double-post, but how long does this "mods need to approve your post" and "you can't send private messages" thing last? :td: