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Hello. (Advice needed)

Postby ColinTheKing

Hey there,

Just looking for some opinions as to what to do with my cue.

I've got a John Parris classic cue which I received as a gift which has a nasty crack in it. I got it with the crack in it which someone tried repairing and done a poor job of it. Here's the crack,
(I'll upload the others end later)

Anyway, took it to a local snooker shop and he wouldn't touch it because it's a John Parris and it's completely original and said I basically have 3 options, leave it as it is and just play it out, send it back to John Parris and have him repair it (out of my budget) or give it to someone he knows and he'll cut the crack out and put another piece in.

I'm not sure what to do to be honest, what do you think?

Re: Hello. (Advice needed)

Postby Sickpotter

Depends how much you play and how attached to the cue you are.

If you like it find out how much JP wants to fix it but if you've never hit a ball with it look for a new one and save yourself grief.,

Re: Hello. (Advice needed)

Postby ColinTheKing

I like the cue mate and it plays well, it's surprisingly solid. That's why I was thinking about getting the new pieces but I'm not sure how it would affect the balance and weight of it.

How much does it usually cost to send back to JP?

Re: Hello. (Advice needed)

Postby Roland

Same thing happened to my last cue, that's why I went for a one piece. I would say that cue will never play as it did when new no matter which expert you get to fix it. Get a new one.