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I must love torture, turning to snooker ;-)

Postby 9baller

Hi folks,

My name is Barry and I live in Leicester. I'm a latecomer to cuesports as I started playing in January 2010. My girlfriend (now wife :-) ) got me into American Pool which I played with happiness until a couple of months ago. I have won my local league, won a couple of tournaments and placed highly in all events I've played this year (except for losing in last 16 of a comp against Chris Melling lol).

I want a new challenge and I want to improve my technique so snooker is the natural progression for me. I have only played snooker around 15-20 times and my highest break is 72 so I'm hoping there is some promise there. My ambition is simply to be able to achieve a century break. I harbour no ambitions of being a professional player but i'd like to be a very good club player and maybe represent county if that option is available.

I have Aspergers so I apologise if my posts get very wordy. I'm not good at keeping things short so I hope you'll bear with me on that.

Seems like a nice little site we have here, look forward to being involved with you guys.

Shoot straight!
Baz :)