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Postby Larunss

I`ve been taking a look on this island for a while and finally decided to step on the island!
So here I am, landed here just in time for the World Championship!!!

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Postby Wildey

welcome Larunss

feel free to give your opinions on anything and if you want enter the prediction contest for the World Championship.

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Postby Lucky


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Postby Simone

Hello Larunns

This forum certainly now needs new genuine posters whether being a snookerfan, player or just a friendly for the game.... Because all the hijacking people´s accounts and twitter-nonsense lately.

Let´s not forget that Snooker Overdrive was originally just a tabloid journalist rofl rofl

He was just a tabloid journalist :mex: rofl rofl rofl rofl

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Postby Roland

Hello :santa:

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Postby Skullman

Welcome :wave:

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Postby king.kauto

Welcome to the island

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Postby Simone


a question for you. Please let me know when u are online again.