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All Members - Please read this

Postby snooky147

Snooker Island over the past few seasons has grown in popularity, but now, to maintain and even improve on our success we need to address some issues.
The linking of topics on Twitter had a major part in attracting greater numbers to the site.
For our progress as a Community to continue some things have to change.

Firstly, the language at times in topics is appalling. Even though visitors can't see it, it is confusing the flow of the topics with the words that are replacing the swearing.
Swearing is okay but in context and to that end the Moderators, who have Admin approval on this will be removing all out of context and inapropriate language. If any poster continues down that path warnings, mod approval of posts and limited terms of banning will be enforced.

Secondly, especially in the Discussion topics staying on topic is important. Recently topics have degenerated down in a hail of either insults or completely off topic comments. Banter or not it has to stop. There are plenty of places to post banter on here, e.g. current tournament discussion topics, the lounge and the junkyard . ALL off topic posts will be removed. They do not help the flow of a discussion.

Forums in the UK do not have the same safe harbour protection that they do in the US so Admins of sites here can be held liable for potential libelous content.
So, to that end be careful what you write. Any comment that is considered potentially libelous will be removed. The poster will be notified and if he/she continues down that path then bans and ACCOUNT REMOVAL are our options. The integrity of Snooker Island is Paramount in all matters.
Insulting Players, whilst maybe not libelous is also unhelpful. Criticise on the issues at hand, yes but please stop the insults.

We as Moderators obviously have our own opinions but it is our job to keep the flow going within the rules we have set down. Posts or topics are not removed. They are sent to a moderator forum where they are be discussed if any problems arise.

These guidelines are meant to enhance both the forum as a whole and the members, both old and new alike.
We hope that you cooperate with us to help make Snooker Island a better place.