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The new forum style

Postby Roland

The new and improved forum style is easy to use when you know how so here is a quick guide just so everyone knows exactly how it operates.

The link to your User Control Panel is now located in your user menu (top right), which also includes links to your posts, topics and subscriptions, and to log out.

Next to your user menu you'll see a private message indicator which shows a count of unread messages and provides a direct link to your Island mailbox.

Topic pages have been enhanced with a toolbar along the window sill (look down). When you open a topic the first post on that page is displayed and the rest of the page is collapsed. Try using the toolbar to navigate through the posts... If you want to open the whole page then the middle button on the toolbar will expand and open every post. If you want to collapse the page again then use the same button.

When viewing a topic in collapsed mode use the previous and next buttons to flick between posts. This means there is much less mouse scrolling involved just by hovering the cursor over the button and repeat clicking. It also means if there is for example a long exchange between a couple of members you don't want to read, you can easily skip past them and open the first post by a different poster and go from there.

To go to the top or bottom post in a page use the First/Last buttons.

It's as simple as that.

If you find things looking or behaving a bit strangely now or at times over the next couple of weeks, try giving the page a hard refresh. In most browsers you accomplish this by holding down the shift key while you click the page refresh button. Doing so should force your browser to fetch the freshest site files.


Incidentally we are aware that the new style doesn't work well on mobile devices but fear not, there is a mobile style coming soon which will enhance the Snooker Island experience when on the move.


And now the mobile style is live! This should make it easier to navigate the forum when using your mobile phones or other hand held devices.