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Postby Anders

Hello all,

Met up with Sonny' at the recent SWSA Festival and as such have decided to join up and see what goes on around here! Been posting on another forum (which will remain nameless!! :stir: ) for a while as i do quite like my snooker and enjoy talking about it!



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Postby John From London Town

Welcome Anders. - Just read your post on the SWSA thread, makes sense. When I was playing 20 years ago (When BCE tables were used) I asked one of the table fitters at the time if they kept the pockets the same size when used on the TV? He told me they opened them up. However, I also asked MJW on Twitter when the Masters was on earlier this year if the pockets were the same size as the ones in the SWSA? He replied, the "same". I think that makes sense too. Thanks & as said, you're very welcome. John

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Postby Roland

Alright mate :santa:

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Postby mtarsky147

I also feel the need to announce myself. I'm Marc, currently a University student after a failed attempt to cut it as a Snooker Player. Spent my youth as Sam Baird's practise partner (well, fetching balls out of pockets for him) and still good friends with him.

I live and breathe snooker, love spending a few hours on the baize. You'll learn this from my posts on here, can also follow me on Twitter (shameful plug I know) @mtarsky147

Re: Afternoon!!

Postby Casey

Good to see you folks! <ok>