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Hello there

Postby likelylad

I am a keen snooker follower for a couple of decades. Also play now and then, not high profile as you can see from my hb. Like to visit tournaments, time permitting. Hope to have some good info and discussions on this forum.


Re: Hello there

Postby Roland

Welcome likelylad - so which one are you?


Re: Hello there

Postby sundaygirl

Welcome likelylad.
Sonny runs a great forum. You will like it here, the natives are very friendly.

I like your choice of favorite player :)

Re: Hello there

Postby randam05

Alright likelylad,

Yes a fantastic forum. dont vanish like some others do!

and yes a great choice of fav player.


Re: Hello there

Postby likelylad

haha, Terry, but i would not mind being Bob (having Thelma in mind) lol

Thx for the welcome folks

Re: Hello there

Postby Tubberlad

Welcome likelylad, nice username ;)

Re: Hello there

Postby jadechelsea

welcome l-lad :wave: :rednecksanta: look faward to reading your posts