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Hi everyone! Can I pick your collective brains please?

Postby Steven S

Hi everyone,

Congrats to the moderators of this excellent forum, it's fantastic to see so much engagement by snooker players from all corners of the world!

I'm from Ireland and have tentatively returned to snooker after playing on a social basis when I was much younger, (me and a friend of mine used to spend so much time playing snooker in the Queen's University Student Union in Belfast that we just told people we did 'Snooker Studies'). I loved playing but never considered playing competitively, mainly because I wasn't very good.

I've enticed a few friends to start playing again as a social outlet and it's made me realise there's an opportunity to increase snooker participation by promoting it as a social activity, e.g. an alternative to the pub scene for adults and an alternative to street corners for teenagers.

With that in mind I'm looking at technology based solutions for creating competitions that reflect the different standards of players, or leagues that can be set up among groups of friends, i.e. in a similar way that fantasy football leagues work. I've 2 questions for you all in this regard:

1) Have you ever used the smartphone scoreboard apps when playing? If so, what was your experience with them?

2) Would you consider becoming a beta tester for the platform I produce? It's only through getting live feedback that I would be able to iterate the product for launch. I can share a sign-up sheet for this but I need to quickly consider the GDPR-safe way of doing this. A simple thumbs up response to this post would give me an early indication though!

Thanks all, I'm looking forward to chatting with you all about all snooker related topics!

Hi everyone!

Postby Steven S

Hi All,

(I actually wrote a long winded intro message a few days ago but it hasn't appeared so perhaps I don't have the correct access to post yet. :shrug:, I'll try this message as a test )

Just a quick message to say hello from Mornington, Meath, Ireland. I'm a low standard player who loves the social aspect of the game and would love to see snooker clubs thriving again.

Looking forward to chats with you all in the future!