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Ash147 wrote:
Dan-cat wrote:There are often between 6 - 10 guests on top of the members who are signed in. More when it’s a popular match. Lurkers!!

I’ve always thought it was quite a common occurrence on forums. It’s easy to just browse other people’s posts than to jump in yourself. I really hope more people get involved with the site, I’ve only been here a few hours and I’m really enjoying it.

Yes you're right it's quite normal forum behaviour.

My sister won't fly. Makes life quite difficult, our mum has lived in Valencia for the last 12 years, and my sister has only been once when she drove.

I know a very good hypnotherapist who can help, he's helped several of my friends with various constructions of the mind, for that's what it is. A long time ago you decided you were scared of flying and now you're attached to that. Everything other than pure presence is a construction, a story you're telling yourself. Hypnotherapy will help you unlearn that learned behavior.

I had a wobble in my 20s when I found flying difficult for a year or so, and how I got around it was to accept that I was almost certainly going to die everytime I got on a plane, and if we landed it would be a bonus. I just told myself a different story. Ha :)

Kent - one of my favorite places. I love the seaside towns Whitstable, Deal and Ramsgate and during summer get down there often. From my place in Shoreditch I can be on Whitstable beach in an hour and 20 mins.

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Hi Ash, good to see a real snooker fan who appreciates Lee Walker.

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Lee Walker is one my few heroes as well. Has been that for a year now. The surrealist Salvador Dali, Antonio Gaudi, Mark Selby, Lee Walker, Mark King, you name it... The way Lee makes the correct decisions amongs the balls, priceless. I thought he also was a joke when he first showed up but what else.

So I edited my last post now; meant that I love the best of 7s matches, not best of 9s. Just had a problem with a counting lol. But Mark Selby is the toughest to beat given when it is a race to 4. Mark Selby, Ronnie O´Sullivan and Mark Allen are the only really HANDY players. But Selby´s even more than that. Matthew Stevens, Eden Sharav, Tom Ford, Robin Hull, Peter Ebdon all are good basic players with a good sprinting qualities, which makes them as a valuable members of the tour and I would argue, the great players. But you can just tell they are lacking handiness when the going gets really tough. Let´s just hope they are not lacking anything else, the morale, for example. Carrington is a hopeless sprinter, otherwise even better all the basic qualities than what Eden is having. Dale, Lawler, Swail, Greene can´t win a match these days. Even nicking a frame or a two just isn´t much happening to them. Which causes some concerns how the tour is being run but that´s not my issue to be honest.