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Snooker garden room - sub floor!?

Postby ChrisZG

Hi all, I'm hoping that some of you may have already dealt with this issue.
I'm in the process of planning a snooker room for the back garden, my ideal scenario would be a concrete slab base however as the garden slopes considerably I am forced to use ground pegs (there are basically large screws that you then set timber joists on top of).
Issue with this is the timber joists will then be covered with a wood sheet to finish (either OSB or Ply). This system is unlikely to hold the weight of the table with out dipping over time.

Does anyone have any experience in similar situations? If it is possible to reinforce the subfloor in a way which will ensure no movement I'd move forward with the joist & board floor....

Thanks in advance.

Re: Snooker garden room - sub floor!?

Postby acesinc

Good morning, gents and welcome, Chris!

No, sorry I have no experience with this sort of situation. I understand the mechanics of the table well enough having taken it apart and put it together several times, but I have only moved it from one existing structure to another (with the help of either burly young men or my forklift). I have had existing level concrete floors in each case.

This may be a question for a local landscape company. Maybe it requires grading the land? Digging out one side, raising up the other, or a bit of both? In my little industrial park, I am surrounded by landscapers. Where I sit, there are probably at least a dozen Bobcats within a stone throw. Maybe you need to put one of them to work.

Good luck! It's a big project. I know that Rekoons built something of a garden shed for his table, but I don't think he had to deal with this particular problem.

Re: Snooker garden room - sub floor!?

Postby rekoons

Same here, no experience with sloped ground, just poured a concrete slab.
I'm no fan of an OSB/ply floor to put a + 1000 kg table on...
Maybe if you could allign the joists in such way that each of the 8 legs are directly resting on top of a joist + ground peg?

A better way would be to level te ground imo as Ace suggests.

Good luck!

Re: Snooker garden room - sub floor!?

Postby ChrisZG

Thanks Rekoon, my previous space was brick built on a concrete slab however the new location means this won't be possible. Frustrating as I too do not believe a wood sub floor will last.