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Scottish Under 19's

Postby roy142857

The final stages of the Scottish Under 19's Event 2 took place at the Locarno Club in Edinburgh last weekend, with Scott Donaldson claiming the win.


Results for the group stages:

Campbell Dunlop 1-3 Ross Muir
Michael Leslie 3-1 Scott Roarty
Rhys Clark 3-1 Thomas McLeod
Scott Donaldson 3-0 Ethan Laing

Ross Muir 4-3 Michael Leslie
Rhys Clark 1-4 Scott Donaldson

Scott Donaldson 5-1 Ross Muir

Re: Scottish Under 19's

Postby roy142857

Scottish Under 19 Championship:

Scott Donaldson 3 - 1 Lee Mein
Thomas McLeod 3 - 1 Joseph McLaren
Ross Muir 3 - 1 Campbell Dunlop
Rhys Clark 3 - 0 Dylan Gault

Scott Donaldson 4 -0 Thomas McLeod
Ross Muir 4 - 3 Scott Donaldson

So final will be Donaldson v Muir

Donaldson has had breaks of 140 and 108, and Rhys Clark had a 114 break.