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English Premier Junior Tour 2011/12

Postby roy142857

Elliot Slessor took the final event of the English Premier Junior Tour at the North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre at the weekend, defeating Jordan Winbourne 4-0 in the final (and compiling some great breaks en route - 110, 103 and 97,


Some notable early exits were the 2nd, 3rd and 5th placed players in the rankings, Shane Castle (lost 4-3 to Decland Bristow), Oliver Lines (defeated 4-2 by Slessor) and Sean O'Sullivan (going down 4-1 to Sam Harvey).

Results from quarter finals on:

Joseph O'Connor 4-3 Sanderson Lam
Elliot Slessor beat Declan Bristow (sorry, don't have the frame scores)
Sam Harvey 4-2 Joel Walker
Jordan Winbourne 4-1 Tom Maxfield

Joseph O'Connor 1-4 Elliot Slessor
Sam Harvey 2-4 Jordan Winbourne

Elliot Slessor 4-0 Jordan Winbourne


Joel Walker had all-but sown up No.1 on the rankings thanks to his wins in the 1st and 3rd events



... but quite a bit of movement in positions below him. The following is my best guess on the rankings, not official:

1. Joel Walker 841
2. Sam Harvey 673
3. Elliot Slessor 638
4. Shane Castle 592
5. Oliver Lines 564
6. Sean O'Sullivan 552
7. Jordan Winbourne 462
8. Sanderson Lam 457
9. Joseph O'Connor 447
10. Kurtis Weaver 433

Congratulations to all of them.

Re: English Premier Junior Tour 2011/12

Postby Witz78

roy142857 wrote:
Bourne wrote:With a name like that i'm destined to support Jordan Winbourne I think <ok>

Would be no bad choice, don't think he's 16 yet (or maybe just?)

Bourne following underage boys

nothing new there :limp: