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Re: 2017 Connie Gough Memorial Trophy

Postby TheSaviour

So Maria Catalano wins it, and Reanne got beat. Sounds pretty good. But Reanne is a strong lass.

It is like I just keep on wondering what is Stuart Bingham actually doing?? Well yes, he is stamping his authority, he is having a solid success. But the news is, the tomorrow will be there also. Obviously people like Ronnie O´Sullivan are trying their absolute 100% best to win the matches they are involved. But when he bows out he can just take it easy. Take it easy, just knocking a few balls in and having a few pints. It is a much better living than having that stress that Stuart now has. Now people are expecting him to continue his hot streak. He is a bit mocking the game. What the fans can now look forward?? Stuart is now a household name. Similar to what Steve Davis, Jimmy White or Alex Higgins used to be. Obviously he is not having a similar titles but he is certainly stamping his authority. Many other players out there would wan´t to do the same thing. One year flies by, two years fly by, even three years flies by very fastly. Having just a one cold, a flu during the busy schedule and that´s it. The whole year is ruined. And the tournaments are wherever places and countries. It was not like that during the Sir Rodney Walker era.

Well, I don´t know. It was just good to Reanne got beat. I will keep on criticising Stuart until he finally starts to see some sense. <doh> <doh> <doh> <doh> The same thing with Barry Hawkins. Stuart´s just class on the table. You can’t have a better player to represent the sport. He should just try to take it more easy, he shouldn´t try those silly cannons he sometimes tries.

Re: 2017 Connie Gough Memorial Trophy

Postby SnookerFan

Is The Saviour under the impression that players like Ronnie, Stuart Bingham and Barry Hawkins are in contention for the Women's World Championship?