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Hannah Jones Interview

Postby oldgreenbaize

Hi everyone, its Nigel here hope you're well.

Earlier this week I chatted with WLBSA Junior champion Hannah Jones - just a few weeks after she got to play a frame against Steve Davis at a Snooker Legends event in her home city of Derby.

I just thought I would use the Snooker Island platform to link the story on from my website on here so you can see the article as well.

Hannah said she was buzzing after the event and once her GCSE exams are all over she will now focus on achieving her dream - turning professional. She will be playing in next year's Q School event.

Here is the article - ... ends-game/

Now looking forward to the Wuxi Classic. Have a great weekend :)

Re: Hannah Jones Interview

Postby Roland

It's great she got to play on the big stage. Did she only play one frame?

Re: Hannah Jones Interview

Postby markj147

Yes she did. Table was lightening. Fastest thing I have seen. It took Davis, White, Williams and Hendry a couple of frames to start to pot balls and get some position and they had practiced on it earlier in the day. They were missing blacks off the spot in the first. When Hannah played Steve he had knocked in a century I seem to remember in a previous frame. Hannah walked on to Nicki Minaj - who she hates (they didnt ask her :) ) She thought she was playing doubles with Steve but Virgo surprised her when she had walked down the steps into the arena and told her she was playing Steve. There were around 700 people in 2 tiers.

I know she potted the first ball off Steves break a long read from baulk around the pack. Laid some great snookers. They scores were about 60 each on the pink when she played a good safety shot but the pace of the table left Steve with a shot at the pink which he potted.

It wasn't serious and Steve, Michaela and Virgo looked after her and made it a really fun.

Jason Francis was fantastic to give her the opportunity.

I was sat in front of Patsy Fagan and just kept getting in his way. Standing up and applauding.

I cannot describe my emotions that night. I couldn't have gone up on the stage like Hannah and laughed and joked all night in front of all of those people. She told us when she sat back down that as soon as Virgo told her that she was playing Steve she lost all of the feeling in her hands.

Whatever Hannah goes on to do in her life she has certainly had some tremendous experiences already.

David Muscroft who took most of the iconic photographs of the 70's and 80's photographs for Jason for the Legends and he approached us at the end and wants to do a portfolio of Hannah as she evolves spanning over the next few years. He reckoned that her demeanor when at the table was as if she owned it and then she had the biggest grin when Steve was playing. He is doing his first photo shoot with her in a few weeks when she gets back from the World Pool Championships in Blackpool.

Then the work starts!!!!!

Re: Hannah Jones Interview

Postby Roland

Yeah that's a good idea to get a portfolio going following her career. The Legends night sounded like a good laugh and great experience for her. I bet Steve Davis was on form with the banter.