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Chitra M Indian Champion at last

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ex cricket and hockey player and former Indian 8 ball and 9 ball pool Champion and 2006 and 2007 World Ladies Billiards Champion Chitra Magimairaj (often known in the Indian press simply as Chitra M) won the Indian Ladies Snooker Championship at the 11th attempt. Chitra had beaten No. 1 seed (and one of the editors of Arantxa Sanchis in the semis.


(For those who don't know, Chitra took up cue sports when injury stopped her playing cricket and hockey)


Arantxa Sanchis 3-0 Varsha Sanjeev
Chitra M. 3-0 R. Umadevi
Keerath Bhandaal 3-0 Heena Khandelwal
Neena Praveen 3-0 Meenal Thakur

Arantxa Sanchis 1 - 3 Chitra M.
Keerath Bhandaal 2 - 3 Neena Praveen

Chitra M. 3 - 1 Neena Praveen