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Re: Johnny Bravo celebration thread

Postby Johnny Bravo

Badsnookerplayer wrote:
Johnny Bravo wrote:
Andre147 wrote:I'm sure Igor Figueiredo is a huge inspiration to you. Have you met him?

This might surprise you a bit, but I haven't.

Do you know Zico?

No, but I've met my footballing idol (Ronaldo) when I was younger. :-)

Re: Johnny Bravo celebration thread

Postby chengdufan

What an amazing achievement, well done JB! Have you made any further breaks of note since this thread?

I love playing snooker, but I'm still waiting for my first 20 break! Im good at getting red colour, but I usually concentrate too much on potting the colour to get position on the next red. I find that I usually miss the pot if I play position.
Red colour, then a good safety usually gets me enough chances to win frames against my playing partners, who usually get 1 or 2 20+ breaks a session.