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Re: 2017 EBSA Play Offs

Postby mick745

Is this more evidence of a lack of young talent breaking through in the UK? Both are fine players but neither have ever caught the Pro Circuit alight and surely both have their best days behind them?

Why aren't there youngsters around who are better than these old stagers?

Re: 2017 EBSA Play Offs

Postby Badsnookerplayer

At the risk of sounding very old, I don't think a passion for the game has transferred from the last generation (35+) to the next. The town I lived in had four large snooker halls and loads of working mens' clubs with a table that was well used. All the clubs were busy with young people and three of them are around the professional circuit and several others nearly made it. There is now one snooker club there which is mainly pool, and barely any working mens' clubs there.

The club in which I pay is fairly busy and there are one or two serious young players but to be honest I don't know how long it will sustain itself. Sad state of affairs..

The reasons? I am not sure I have the answer but perhaps:

Computers and smartphones etc.
Lack of enterprise on part of snooker clubs??
Lack of media exposure which I think is fuelled by snobbery to be honest.

Can the situation be improved?