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IBSF World Six Reds 2016 20-30 July, Egypt

Postby roy142857

The World Six Reds returns to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt on 20th - 30th July (not 100% certain what dates are for the Six Reds and what for the World Team Championship)

British Isles entries:

England - Simon Dent, Paul Norris
Wales - Ronnie Allen, Jamie Clarke, John Griffiths, Darren Morgan, Wayne Morgan, Andrew Pagett, Keith Thomas, Martin Williams

No British Isles entries

Some of the notable players in the Womens include Ng On Yee (Hong Kong), Tatjana Vasiljeva (Lithuania), Jessica Woods (Australia), Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia), Daria Sirotina (Russia), Irina Gorbataya (Russia), Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan (Thailand), Waratthanun Sukritthanes (Thailand), Amee Kamani (India), Vidya Pillai (India) and Chitra M (India)

145 entries for the Mens, good to see a team from Mozambique there. Notable names include Pankaj Advani (India), Brian Cini (Malta), Mohammad Bilal (PAkistan), Chén Zĭfán (China), Yuán Sījùn (China), Moh Keen Hoo (Malaysia), Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (Thailand), 'Nook' Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand), Andy Lee Chun Wai (Hong Kong), Kamal Chawla (India), Manan Chandra (India), Amir Sarkhosh (Iran), Soheil Vahedi (Iran), Mohammad Reza Hassan (Malaysia), Mohsen Bukshaisha (Qatar), Ahmed Saif (Qatar), Karam Fatima (Syria), Mohamed Shehab (UAE) and Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE).

Re: IBSF World Six Reds 2016 20-30 July, Egypt

Postby kolompar

Hossein Vafaei, Alex Borg and Kritsanut are all playing in the team event. Pros are not allowed in the 6 reds, but Kritsanut's still playing there too, maybe as he hasn't played as a pro yet (entered PHC, in the last 128 like other pros).

Group stages are over, notable happenings:
Mohsen Bukshaisha and Shivam Arora are out, both former semi-finalists in this event. China's Yuan Sijun also out.
Saif unbeaten, Khairy scrapes through in 3rd place in his group, Belaid lost his first match 4-0 and seems to be a no-show for his other 2 matches.

India 3 (Lucky Vatnani and S. Dilip Kumar) lost to Egypt 7 among others and out, winning only one match against Egypt 20.
Egypt 11, comprising of two teenagers, won their group beating Malaysia and India 2.
USA have also managed to get through.

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Postby roy142857

Three of the top four seeds lost in the Last 64 of the Mens Six Reds - Nook Kritsanut lost 4-0 to Saif Al Shamsi of the Emirates whilst India's Laxman Rawat lost 4-3 to Moath Al Majali (Jordan). Jamie Clarke of Wales also lost 4-3, to Mohammad Rais Senzahi of Afghanistan. Seventh seeded Soheil Vahedi of Iran lost 4-3 as well, to the always-tough Steven Chau Hon Man of Hong Kong.

Also in the last 64, Ahmed Saif lost 4-2 to Pakistan's Sohail Shehzad, perhaps less of a surprise, and India's former pro Pankaj Advani losing to Chén Zĭfán of China in what looks a particularly strong part of the draw wasn't a great surprise ...

Mens Six Reds Last 32

Sourav Kothari (India) 4 - 2 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)
Simon Dent (England) 3 - 4 Sohail Shehzad (Pakistan)

Moh Keen Hoo (Malaysia) 4 - 1 Chén Zĭfán (China)
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (Thailand) 2 - 4 Varun Madan (India)

Darren Morgan (Wales) 4 -0 Alok Kumar (India)
Asjad Iqbal (Pakistan) 4 - 2 Anuj Uppal (India)

Sundeep Gulati (India) 3 - 4 Faisal Khan (India)
Brian Cini (Malta) 2 - 4 Mohammad Rais Senzahi (Afghanistan)

Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India) 4 - 2 Saif Al Shamsi (UAE)
Brijesh Damani (India) 4 - 0 Khalid Kamali (UAE)

Andrew Pagett (Wales) 4 - 3 Andy Lee Chun Wai (Hong Kong)
Manan Chandra (India) 4 - 2 Mohamed Hammouda (Egypt)

Karam Fatima (Syria) 0 - 4 Steven Chau Hon Man (Hong Kong)
Raymond Fung Kwok Wai (Hong Kong) 4 - 0 Mohamed Ibrahim (Egypt)

Peter McCullagh (Australia) 4 - 1 Paul Norris (England)
Lucky Vatnani (India) 4 - 1 Moath Al Majali (Jordan)

Re: IBSF World Six Reds 2016 20-30 July, Egypt

Postby roy142857

Womens Six Reds Last 18

Arantxa Sanchis (India) 3 - 1 Neeta Kothari (India)
Irina Gorbataya (Russia) 2 - 3 Jessica Woods (Australia)

Womens Six Reds Last 16

Chitra M (India) 1 - 3 Arantxa Sanchis (India)
Amee Kumani (India) 3 - 1 Sunita Damani (India)

Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan (Thailand) 3 - 0 Tatiana Istomina (Russia)
Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia) 3 - 1 Tatjana Vasiljeva (Lithuania)

Varsha Sanjeev (India) 3 - 2 Akram Mohammadi Amini (Iran)
Katrina Wan Ka-Kai (Hong Kong) 1 - 3 Waratthanun Sukritthanes (Thailand)

Vidya Pillai (India) 3 - 2 Daria Sirotina (Russia)
Ng On-Yee (Hong Kong) 3 - 0 Jessica Woods (Australia)

Re: IBSF World Six Reds 2016 20-30 July, Egypt

Postby roy142857

Mens Team Last 16

Chén Zĭfán / Yuán Sījùn (China) 3 - 0 Varun Madan / Laxman Rawat (India)
Brian Cini / Alex Borg (Malta) 3 - 2 Shivam Arora / Rahul Sachdev (India)

Ishpreet Singh Chadda / Sundeep Gulati (India) 3 - 0 Andy Lee Chun Wai / Raymond Fung Kwok Wai (Hong Kong)
Kamal Chawla / Brijesh Damani (India) 3 - 1 Mohammad Al Joaker . Mohammad Shehab (UAE)

Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon / 'Nook' Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand) 3 - 2 Arman Dinarvand / Milad Valihesari (Iran)
Amir Sarkhosh / Soheil Vahedi (Iran) 3 - 2 Hamed Zarehdoust / Hossein Vafaei Ayouri (Iran)

Jamie Clarke / Andrew Pagett (Wales) 3 - 0 Mohamed Ismail / Mahmoud El Hareedy (Egypt)
Babar Masih / Asjad Iqbal (Pakistan) 3 - 0 Au Chi Wai / Leung Man-hoi (Hong Kong)

Re: IBSF World Six Reds 2016 20-30 July, Egypt

Postby roy142857

Womens Team Quarter finals

Arantxa Sanchis / Varsha Sanjeev (India) 3 - 1 Anastasia Nachaeva / Daria Sirotina (Russia)
Ng On Yee / Katrina Wan Ka-kai (Hong Kong) 3 - 2 Jessica Woods Theresa Whitten (Australia)

Amee Kamani / Vidya Pillai (India) 3 - 1 Irina Gorbataya / Tatiana Istomina (Russia)
Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan / Waratthanun Sukritthanes (Thailand) 3 - 1 Ho Yee Ki / Fong Mei Mei (Hong Kong)