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Re: 2016 Nordic Snooker Championship

Postby MarkoPiet

I was just about to create the thread but you beat me to it.

The likes of Kurt Maflin, Robin Hull and Kristján Helgason didn't take part so the best of the best were absent but I think the name of the tournament is still justified. Last year there were no Finns, Rune Kampe from Norway won. This is the second year the tournament is held - before the tournament was created there had been Nordic Invitational events, though, which were pro-am events.

Group A
Antti Tolvanen (FIN) 4-0, 12-2
Rune Kampe (NOR) 3-1, 10-3
Bjarni Már Bjarnason (ICE) 2-2,7-7
Nils Bohling (SWE) 1-3, 4-9 (replaced Jim Johansson [SWE])
David Frew (DEN) 0-4, 0-12

Group B
Timo Salovaara (FIN) 4-0, 12-2
Danny Eriksen (DEN) 3-1, 9-8
Chi Voong (SWE) 2-2, 10-9
Reidar Rundsveen (NOR) 1-3, 6-9
Unnar Bragason (ICE) 0-4, 3-12

Group C
Audun Heimsjø (NOR) 2-2, 9-8
Juha Lehto (FIN) 2-2, 8-8
Lasse Petersen (DEN) 2-2, 8-8
Johannes Johannesson (ICE) 2-2, 7-7
Arpat Pulat (SWE) 2-2, 7-8

Of the matches between Lehto, Petersen and Johannesson, each won one and lost one but Lehto had the best frame difference (4-3, 3-3, 3-4 respectively).

Group D
Christopher Watts (NOR) 3-1, 10-4
Belan Sharif (SWE) 3-1, 9-5
Mika Hummelin (FIN) 2-2, 7-7
Atli Már Bjarnason (ICE) 2-2, 7-8
Daniel Jallov (DEN) 0-4, 3-12

Group E
Jyri Virtanen (FIN) 4-0, 12-6
Benjamin McCabe (SWE) 3-1, 11-5
Brynjar Kristjansson (ICE) 2-2, 7-10
Thomas Bechmann (DEN) 1-3, 7-11
Ken Simon Røed (NOR) 0-4, 7-12

Group F
Sigurdur Kristjansson (ICE) 4-0, 12-5
Allan Norvark (DEN) 3-1, 11-5
Janne Hummastenniemi (FIN) 2-2, 6-7
Morgan Högren (SWE) 1-3, 6-11
Tore Hansen (NOR) 0-4, 5-12

Group G
Olli-Pekka Virho (FIN) 4-0, 12-2
Christopher Vejlager (DEN) 3-1, 11-8
Þorri Jensson (ICE) 2-2, 8-7
Richard Lundin (SWE) 1-3, 4-9
Niklas Engstrom (NOR) 0-4, 3-12

Group H
Erik Dullerud (NOR) 3-1, 10-6
Simon Lindblom (SWE) 2-2, 10-8
Iiro Sirkiä (FIN) 2-2, 9-9
Jón Ingi Ægisson (ICE) 2-2, 9-9
Michael Jørgensen (DEN) 1-3, 5-11 (replaced Thomas Salling [DEN])

Last 16:
Antti Tolvanen (FIN) 4-3 Danny Eriksen (DEN)
Audun Heimsjø (NOR) 3-4 Benjamin McCabe (SWE)
Sigurdur Kristjansson (ICE) 0-4 Simon Lindblom (SWE)
Christopher Watts (NOR) 4-0 Cristopher Vejlager (DEN)
Timo Salovaara (FIN) 3-4 Juha Lehto (FIN) (decided on the final pink after nearly six hours of play)
Erik Dullerud (NOR) 1-4 Rune Kampe (NOR)
Olli-Pekka Virho (FIN) 4-2 Belan Sharif (SWE)
Jyri Virtanen (FIN) 4-1 Allan Norvark (DEN)

Antti Tolvanen (FIN) 1-4 Benjamin McCabe (SWE)
Simon Lindblom (SWE) 4-3 Christopher Watts (NOR)
Juha Lehto (FIN) 2-4 Rune Kampe (NOR)
Olli-Pekka Virho (FIN) 1-4 Jyri Virtanen (FIN)

Benjamin McCabe (SWE) 4-3 Simon Lindblom (SWE)
Rune Kampe (NOR) 4-2 Jyri Virtanen (FIN)

Benjamin McCabe (SWE) 4-1 Rune Kampe (NOR)

Best break was 113 by Kampe - the only century of the event. He also had the second-highest break (98). In total there were 28 breaks of at least 50 (based on the assumption that the list is up-to-date).

McCabe earned 1,200 euros for his victory. Kampe won 600 euros plus 100 euros for the highest break and the losing semi-finalists won 300 euros each.

The tournament took four days: the group stage was played on Wednesday and Thursday, the first two rounds of the knock-out stage on Friday and the semi-finals and the final on Saturday.