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60k 6 red tour

Postby Sickpotter

Interesting little series of tournaments happening over the next few months, I may have to come out of retirement and play them.

6 red format, best of 5 until quarter finals when it moves to best of 7, best of 9 finals.

4 events, 60,000 prize pool spread among the events.

$200 entry fee, higher handicap players (8+) can play qualifiers for $25

Handicaps range from -4 (pro) to +28.

Limited to 72 entries.

I got talked into playing the first event even though I haven't played more than 10 hrs in the last year. Got a little break on the handicap, they let me in as a 4.

Field was only 48 for the first event so they're contemplating dropping the entry fee. That'll obviously affect the payouts but I think the calcutta will make up the difference.

I haven't been playing mostly because I don't have a cue I like so I borrowed a John Paris from a friend.

No practice, no cue of my own but managed to finish 5-8th for $900 :shrug:

Lost to last years Canadian champ Alan Whitfield. Solid player, sweet stroke so not too upset I lost to him though I was not happy with my play. Botched up 3 clearances in truly amateur fashion and should've made a better match of it.

3 more events to be held, thinking I should get a cue and start practicing. :chin: