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Aussie Six Reds & Lance Parnell Classic 25-28 Jun 2015

Postby roy142857

The becoming-traditional curtain raiser for the Australian Goldfields Open, the Lance Parnell Classic again features most of Australia's top amateurs playing at Yarraville, Victoria, this year 26th-28th June with the Australian Six Reds Championship being played the day before, June 25th.

The seeds for the Lance Parnell (straight to the Last 32) are Steve Mifsud, Adrian Ridley, Aaron Mahoney, Ben Judge, Charlie Chafe, James Mifsud, Hassan Kerde, Ryan Thomerson, Kurt Dunham, Paul Thomerson, Rudy Sulaeman, Shannon Dixon, Josh Gorski, Daniel Thorp, Shaun Dalitz and Craig Turner.

A bit short on entries for the Six Reds, but nice to see Goldfields Open wildcards Ben Judge and Adian Ridley in the field. Other notable names (ones I recognise!) in it are Shannon Dixon, Robby Foldvari, Josh Gorski, Hassan Kerde, Henry Lau, Adrian Ridley, Ryan Thomerson and Craig Turner.