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European Sangsom Six Reds Qualifier 29 March

Postby roy142857

Twenty players will compete for four places at the Sangsom Six Reds in Thailand.

They are

Andreas Ploner (Austria)
Alain Vandersteen (Belgium)
Mario Van Herk (Belgium)
Jake Nicholson (England)
Juha Lehto (Finland)
Stephane Ochoiski (France)
Sascha Breuer (Germany)
Kristján Helgason (Iceland)
Rodney Goggins (Ireland)
Shachar Ruberg (Israel)
Sergej Korolkov (Lithuania)
Alex Borg (Malta)
Duncan Bezzina (Malta)
Marcin Nitschke (Poland)
Krzysztof Wróbel (Poland)
Ivan Kakovsky (Russia)
Craig MacGillivray (Scotland)
Darren Paris (Switzerland)
Alan Trigg (Ukraine)
Gareth Allen (Wales)

Re: European Sangsom Six Reds Qualifier 29 March

Postby roy142857

Groups almost finished.

To be followd by play-off matches, where each group winner will play a group runner-up for a place in the Sangsom Six Reds.

Craig MacGillivray of Scotland has dominated Group A, and the group runner-up will be Darren Paris. (Other players were Sascha Breuer, Shachar Ruberg and Juha Lehto.

Ukraine's Alan Trigg (!) has likewise dominated Group B, all the other players on one win with one match to play, but the runner-up will be whoever wins Krzysztof Wróbel v Mario van Herk. Wróbel has taken the first frame .

Also Group C has a dominant player, Kristján Helgason of Iceland. Gareth Allen edges Jake Nicholson by a frame for the runner-up spot, with Poland's Marcin Nitschke a further 2 frames back.

Group D however has been close between Rodney Goggins, Alex Borg and Andreas Ploner, all of them won 3 matches from 4, Goggins in through as winner by a single frame from the other 2, I'm guessing Ploner goes through too as he beat Borg, but I don't actually know the tiebreaker where wins and frame difference are the same.