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German Snooker Tour 2014/15

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The German Snooker Tour runs July to about June each season (2014/15 ends on 4th July), with Tournaments being ranked according to prize fund and the players they draw ('Red' tournaments being the lowest ranked, going up through the colours to 'Black' tournaments). There's then a 'Grand Final' a couple of months after the end of the season.

Ignoring the many Red and Yellow tournaments (but honourable mention to Jean-Luca Nüßgen, winner of one Yellow and two red tournaments), winners so far of the tournaments ranked Green or above:

19th July Nürnberg Green Patrick Einsle (runner up Thomas Sesal)
20th July Hannover Brown Soner Sari (Turkey) (runner up Lukas Kleckers, semis Roman Dietzel, Sascha Breuer)
24th August Nürnberg Pink David Grace (England)
27th September Oberhausen Green Jörg Schneidewindt (runner up Miro Popovic)
28th September Nürnberg Green Jürgen Kesseler (runner up Michael Bolz)
5th October Pforzheim Green Sebastian Thron
12th October Villingen-Schwenningen Green Kevin Schiller (runner up Andreas Gut)
18th October Rüsselsheim Green Oskar Gold (runner up Richard Wienold)
18th October München Green Thomas May (runner up Nikica Sikiric)
26th October München Green Suphi Yalman
1st November Essen Brown Felix Frede (runner up Miro Popovic, semis Sascha Breuer, Kai Garbang)
30th November Berlin Green Prasit Buttakham
13th December Rüsselsheim Brown Jan Eisenstein (runner up Patrick Dauscher, semis Robbie James, Roman Dietzel)
21st December Ludwigsburg Green Kevin Schiller (runner up Ralf Dahn)

Up-coming tournaments include a Level Pink ion Dortmund on 27th December and a Level Blue in Berlin on 10th January

Re: German Snooker Tour 2014/15

Postby roy142857

Results of the 'Pink' event in Dortmund 27/28 December

Tour leader Miro Popovic went out in the Last 32 to Felix Frede, other last 32 losers included Sascha Breuer to Dirk Kunze and Roman Dietzel to Richard Wienold, whilst Belgiums Tomasz Skalski lost to another Belgian, Jurian Heusdens.

Last 16
Stephan Bock 3 - 0 Dirk Kunze
Lukas Kleckers 3 - 0 Mark Russell
Richard Wienold 3 - 2 Jean-Luca Nüßgen
Dietmar Juschka 3 - 2 Noah Kodri
Felix Frede 3 - 1 Alain Vandersteen (Belgium)
Yvan van Velthoven (Belgium) 3 - 1 Ismail Türker (England)
Alexander Srp 3 - 2 Jurian Heusdens (Belgium)
Michael Heeger 3 - 2 Robin Otto

Quarter finals
Lukas Kleckers 3 - -0 Stephan Bock
Richard Wienold 3 - 2 Dietmar Juschka
Yvan van Velthoven (Belgium) 3 - 2 Felix Frede
Michael Heeger 3 - 2 Alexander Srp

Semi finals
Lukas Kleckers 3 - 0 Richard Wienold
Yvan van Velthoven (Belgium) 3 - 0 Michael Heeger

Lukas Kleckers 3 - 0 Yvan van Velthoven

Kleckers didn't drop a frame throughout the tournament, many congratulations to him! :win:

Kleckers now just behind Popovic in the rankings, Noah Kodri is 3rd.