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English Q School Qualifying Competition

Postby roy142857

English Snooker have gone for a relatively simple format this season (thank goodness) to decide which players they will pay Q School entry fees for. (There is no cash alternative prize).

There will be one single Tournament on 14th / 15th February at North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre, Clay Cross and the tournament will be played down via FULL double elimination (by FULL, I mean that regardless of the stage of the competition a player loses for the first time, they are still in until they have lost for a second time). The competition will be played down to the (as yet to be determined by available funds) number of places available.

EASB members entry £50, County players £55, club players £60, entries by 30th January.

I like this! Much better than previous years of players being allowed multiple entries to multiple competitions to qualify for a 'next stage' etc.