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German Snooker Tour 2013/14 finals 6/7 Sep Bielefeld

Postby roy142857

The German Snooker Tour runs July to about June each season (2014/15 ends on 4th July), with Tournaments being ranked according to prize fund and the players they draw, and the finals being held a couple of months later.

The finals of the 2013/14 German Snooker Tour will be held this weekend in Bielefeld. The Top 64 players in the rankings are invited to participate. You can enter individual tournaments without paying the annual fee, but only players that have paid the annual fee are included in the rankings.

I see that UK players Robbie James and Jamie Bodle are ranked 21st and 23rd, James is playing in the finals but Bodle isn't. (James has the high break of the season with a 133). Other foreign players who have participated during the season include Turkey's Soner Sari, Prasit Buttakham (Thailand), Zhang Jiaming (China) and Sanjin Kusan (Croatia) – all bar the last named have entered the finals.

End of Season Top 10

1 Lukas Kleckers 4580
2 Sascha Breuer 3590
=3 Roman Dietzel 3500
=3 Jan Eisenstein 3500
5 Sascha Lippe 3050
6 Robin Otto 3020
7 Dennis Rothaug 2920
8 Jürgen Kesseler 2900
9 Tobias Friedrichs 2630
10 Miro Popovic 2415

There's a separate ranking list for the top tournaments only (Grand Prix events), which was topped by Lukas Kleckers. Grand Prix winners were Kleckers (Dortmund 18/19 January and Rüsselsheim 8/9 March), Sascha Lippe (Wuppertal 15/16 February), Robbie James (München 12/13 April and Berlin 17/18 May) and Roman Dietzel (Hannover 21/22 June)

Re: German Snooker Tour 2013/14 finals 6/7 Sep Bielefeld

Postby roy142857

Two of the Top 10 lost their openers. Dennis Rothaug lost his opener against Thailand's Prasit Buttakham (who then lost fairly surprisingly to Kevin Schejock in the Last 32), whilst Tobias Friedrichs was unlucky enough to be drawn against top young player Simon Lichtenberg, who's probably only down the rankings because of playing less owing to school work. Friedrichs lost 4-2 but went on to win the plate competition.

Selected Last 32 results
Robbie James (England) 4 - 3 Soner Sari (Turkey)
Roman Dietzel 4 - 1 Zhang Jiaming (China)
Phil Barnes 4 - 0 Sascha Breuer

Last 16
Lukas Kleckers 4 - 3 Kevin Malz
Simon Lichtenberg 4 - 0 Jürgen Kesseler
Sascha Lippe 4 - 1 Robbie James (England)
Jan Eisenstein 4 - 2 Carl Rosenberger
Felix Frede 4 - 2 Roman Dietzel
Marco Weber 4 - 0 Robin Otto
Miro Popovic 4 - 1 Kevin Schejock
Phil Barnes 4 - 0 Julian Matthias

Quarter finals
Simon Lichtenberg 4 - 1 Lukas Kleckers
Sascha Lippe 4 - 1 Jan Eisenstein
Marco Weber 4 - 3 Felex Frede
Phil Barnes 4 - 0 Miro Popovic

Semi finals
Sascha Lippe 4 - 3 Simon Lichtenberg
Phil Barnes 4 - 2 Marco Weber

Phil Barnes 4 - 3 Sascha Lippe

(Barnes only played in 3 GST Tournaments all year, so his non-top 10 (31st) ranking reflects that, so not that surprising a result, noting also Marco Weber only played 4 tournaments and finished 33rd in the rankings)

So, congratulations too Phil Barnes, winner of the German Snooker Tour 2013/14 finals ! :win: