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English Amateur Championship 2014

Postby roy142857

There's been regional qualifiers, then there are Northern and Southern Last 16s, playing down to two finalists from each who play the Northern and Southern finals on the Saturday of finals weekend (7th June), and the winners then play for the English Championship on the Sunday of finals weekend (8th June). One thing I like about this is that as well as the regulars on the Premier Tour, it also draws good amateurs from around the country who don't have the time or inclination to participate in the Premier Tour.

Ant Parsons had a 133 break in his regional qualifying.

One or two surprises as always. Troy Brett beat Steven Hallworth in Round 3 of the East Midlands qualifying, whilst Luke Garland was unlucky enough to be drawn against (and lose to) Mitchell Mann in the West Midlands qualifiers, and despite 3 century breaks in his two matches, Zak Surety went down to Damian Wilks in the 2nd round of the South East qualifiers. Also in that round, Sam Harvey lost 4 - 3 to Matt Glasby, and in the third round Michael Georgiou beat Shane Castle 4 - 1.

The Northern Last 16 results (played at Northern Snooker, Leeds on 26/27 April)

Oliver Lines in stunning form.

Last 16
Antony Parsons 5 - 1 Nev Graham
(Parsons had a break of 127)
John Welsh 5 - 1 Jamie Bodle
Johnathan Bagley 5 - 0 Andy Marriott
Joe Roberts 5 - 0 Jake Spiezick
Oliver Lines 5 - 0 Tom Kerslake
(Lines had a break of 121)
Michael Wild 5 - 4 James Silverwood
Jeff Cundy 5 - 3 Troy Brett
Michael Tomlinson 5 - 1 Nico Elton
(Tomlinson had a break of 136)

Quarter finals
Antony Parsons 5 - 3 John Welsh
Joe Roberts 5 - 4 Johnathan Bagley
(Roberts had a break of 115)
Oliver Lines 5 - 1 Michael Wild
(Lines had breaks of 129 and 109)
Michael Tomlinson 5 - 1 Jeff Cundy

Semi finals
Antony Parsons 8 - 4 Joe Roberts
Oliver Lines 8 - 2 Michael Tomlinson
(Lines had breaks of 81,79,74,52,51 and 50)

So Parsons v Lines for the Northern final.

Re: English Amateur Championship 2014

Postby roy142857

Haven't seen the results of the Southern Last 16 yet, but I know who qualified.

Well done to Ben Harrison :D - beat another player Sonny likes, Syd Wilson, 8 - 4 in his Southern Semi.

And to Michael Georgiou, great deciding frame win against Matt Emms to take his Southern Semi 8-7

So Harrison and Georgiou will meet in the 'Southern Final'

Re: English Amateur Championship 2014

Postby Wildey

Finals Weekend

Northern Section
Antony Parsons 8-6 Oliver Lines

Antony Parsons won against local favorite and new tour professional Oliver Lines 8-6. Oliver went into the first session interval leading 3-1 making breaks of 76 and 89 but Antony replied with breaks of 41 and 45 to make it 3-3, Antony won the next frame to lead 4-3 at the end of the session. In the second session Antony took the next three frames winning six frames on the bounce and leading 7-3. Oliver made a break of 120 but it wasn’t enough and Antony won 8-6.

Southern Section
Ben Harrison 8-6 Michael Georgiou

In the Southern Final it was a similar story with Ben Harrison defeating Michael Georgiou who has also just qualified for the main tour, Ben also went in to the first session interval 3-1 down and also ended the first session 4-3 in front. With a top break of 66. Michael replied in the second session but it wasn’t enough with Ben coming out winning 8-6 and booking a place in the final.

The Overall Final
Ben Harrison 10-6 Antony Parsons

Ben Harrison made up for last year’s heartache by winning the title defeating Antony Parsons 10-6. Despite going 1-0 down due to being late, Antony won the first two frames to lead 2-1 but was 5-4 down after the first session despite making breaks of 60 and 72. In the second session Ben went from strength to strength to claim the title with a break of 75 the highlight in winning the Oldest trophy in snooker.

Established in 1916 being won by some familiar names
1937 Kingsley Kennerley
1940 Kingsley Kennerley
1946 John Pullman
1951 Rex Williams
1963 Gary Owen
1964 Ray Reardon
1966 John Spencer
1968 David Taylor
1977 Terry Griffiths
1978 Terry Griffiths
1979 Jimmy White
1989 Nigel Bond
1992 Stephen Lee
1996 Stuart Bingham
2002 Martin Gould
2007 Martin Gould
2010 Jack Lisowski
2012 Gary Wilson
2013 Stuart Carrington
2014 Ben Harrison