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USA Snooker Tour 2013/14

Postby roy142857

A somewhat reduced tour this year commenced with a win for Raymond Fung on 7th/8th December at Top 147 Snooker, Brooklyn, New York. No other details at the moment I'm afraid.

Subsequent events will be:

18/19 January Carom Cafe, Flushing, New York
24-26 January Snooker 147, Houston, Texas
15/16 March Ace Snooker, San Mateo, California
12/13 April Top 147 Snooker, Brooklyn, New York
26/27 April Carom Cafe, Flushing, New York
2-4 May Snooker 147, Houston, Texas

Re: USA Snooker Tour 2013/14

Postby roy142857

A bit more about the first event, which was played as a handicap tournament, with only winner Raymond Fung playing off a zero handicap

Event 1 Final
Raymond Fung (0) 3 - 1 Tim Lee (11)

Event 2, Carom Cafe, Flushing 18/19 January

Semi finals
Raymond Fung 3 - 0 Laszlo Kovacs
Henry Wong 3 - 1 Gary Cheung

Raymond Fung 3 - 0 Henry Wong

Event 3, Houston Snooker Club, 24-26 January

The event featured former top international amateur player Keith Boon, who has moved from his native Singapore to Kansas. Boon was runner-up to Dīng Jùnhuī at the 2002 Asian Championship, and has a maximum break to his credit, at the 2006 IBSF World Snooker Championship.

A strange competition this, they played 2 rounds in groups, then the 3 group winners played a best of 3 frame round robin, then they played a final between the top 2 players (I think that's right!)

Final Round Robin
Nikhil Khatwani 2 - 0 Aslam Warin
Keith Boon 2 - 0 Nikhil Khatwani
Keith Boon 2 - 0 Aslam Warin

Grand Final
Keith Boon 4 - 1 Nikhil Khatwani

Top break was a 75 by Boon which can be seen here -

Snooker USA have awarded the US Snooker Championship to the Top 147 Club in Brooklyn, New York, the event will be held from 23rd - 26th May.

Re: USA Snooker Tour 2013/14

Postby roy142857

Event 4, San Mateo, California

Sargon Isaac 3 - 1 Jeff Szafransky
Alex Kopel 3 - 2 Patrick Tsang
Ajeya Prabhakar 3 - 0 Bob Jewett
Anthony Lai 3 - 1 Roy Chen

Sargon Isaac 3 - 0 Alex Kopel
Ajeya Prabhakar 3 - 1 Anthony Lai

Sargon Isaac 3 - 1 Ajeya Prabhakar

Event 5, Houston, Texas 28 - 30 March

Former Singapore International Keith Boon was dominant once again, his semi win against Waqas Ghaffar included a break of 125, and he won the final 3-0, including a break of 92, defeating Shahzad Sarwar.