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South Pacific Open 7/8 Sep (Mifsuds, Dalitz, Judge)

Postby roy142857

There were surprise early exits in this Australian event for the players who had been Australian Goldfields Open wildcards- Shaun Dalitz lost 3-2 to David Waller, Steve Mifsud lost 3-2 to Fred Borg. To complete a bad weekend for the Mifsuds, James lost 3-2 to Terry Emmett.

Ben Judge is obviously settled back into the Australian domestic scene ...

Results from Quarter finals on:

Shawn Budd 3 - 0 Robby Foldvari
Hassan Kerde 3 - 1 Glen Wilkinson
Terry Emmett 3 - 2 Joe Minici
Ben Judge 3 - 1 Fred Borg

Semi finals

Hassan Kerde 3 - 1 Shawn Budd
Ben Judge 3 - 2 Terry Emmett


Ben Judge 4 - 2 Hassan Kerde