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European World Six Reds qualifiers 2nd June 2013

Postby roy142857

Glad to see Gareth Allen has entered this - Go Gaz!

Good to see one of the ladies having a crack at this, Wendy Jans of Belgium.

EBSA have confirmed that the four semi-finalists qualify for the World Six Reds Championship in Thailand in September. Not sure if they will play out the semi-finals and final - not listed on the schedule. All matches to be played tomorrow from 3pm our time, so I guess not many frames per match.

Group A
Kristján Helgason (Iceland)
Costas Konnaris (Cyprus)
Shachar Ruberg (Israel)
Wendy Jans (Belgium)
Sergiy Isayenko (Ukraine)

Group B
Robert Murphy (Ireland)
John Whitty (England)
Kevin Chan (Netherlands)
Andreas Ploner (Austria)
Mats Eriksson (Sweden)

Group C
Robin Hull (Finland)
Duncan Bezzina (Malta)
'Pistol' Pete Bullen (Belgium)
Krzysztof Wróbel (Poland)
Murat Ayas (Switzerland)

Group D
Gareth Allen (Wales)
Craig MacGillivray (Scotland)
Rune Kampe (Denmark)
Roman Dietzel (Germany)
Stephane Ochoiski (France)

Edit:Changed the title, as seems they are not playing down to decide a Champion, just qualifiers for World Six Reds

Re: European Six Reds Championship 2nd June 2013

Postby roy142857

In Group A, Kristján Helgason of Iceland in guaranteed 1st place, but with a match to play against Sergiy Isayenko (Ukraine), For Isayenko, he's out and Saschar Ruberg of Israel is through unless he wins against Helgason.

Quite a few matches still to play in Group B, but Ireland's Robert Murphy and England's John Whitty unbeaten so far. With two games each to play, Sweden's Mats Eriksson could catch Whitty, but needs big wins and Whitty to lose by a large margin,

Similar story in Group C where Robin Hull (Finland) and Duncan Bezzina of Malta afre unbeaten. Switzerland's Murat Ayas could in theory still catch Bezzina, but would need a dramatic turn around in form.

Group D is still wide open, Scotland's Craig MacGillivray has won his two matches but still has two to play. Results from the group:
Gareth Allen (Wales) 4 - 1 Stephane Ochoiski (France)
Craig MacGillivray (Scotland) 4 - 3 Roman Dietzel (Germany)
Craig MacGillivray (Scotland) 4 - 2 Rune Kampe (Denmark)
Roman Dietzel (Germany) 4 - 2 Gareth Allen (Wales)
Roman Dietzel (Germany) 4 - 0 Stephane Ochoiski (France)

Allen and MacGillivray should be just about to play, but Allen still in the midst of his match with Rune Kampe - he's leading 2-1

Re: European Six Reds Championship 2nd June 2013

Postby roy142857

The matches to decide who qualifies for the World Six Reds in Thailand in September:

Robin Hull (Finland) 5 - 2 Shachar Ruberg (Israel)

John Whitty (England) 5 - 3 Gareth Allen (Wales)

Kristján Helgason (Iceland) 5 - 2 Duncan Bezzina (Malta)

Robert Murphy (Ireland) 5 - 1 Craig MacGillivray (Scotland)