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European Championship Live Streaming

Postby roy142857

Live streaming is now up and running, Scotland's Rhys Clark against Murat Ayas of Switzerland currently on - 2-2 but Clark on a break, made 67 so far

Edit: Break finished as 133, good timing for my tuning in for the first time

Edit 2: Clark follows up with a 78 break to take the match, ending live streaming for the day on that table. I'll try to find out who is playing on the 2 streamed tables tomorrow and post details.

Re: European Championship Live Streaming

Postby roy142857

Hoping that there will either be more streamed tables or they'll move the cameras at some stage, on the current schedule the mens semi finals and final will be on non-streamed tables, masters and ladies matches will be shown.

Link for Table 2 stream:

Link for Table 3 stream:

Anyway, some interesting and some less interesting matches as always,some highlights for tomorrow (Saturday)

3pm our time
Table 2 Robin Hull (Finland) v Duane Jones (Wales)
Table 3 Paolo Pereira (Portugal) v Danny Eriksen (Denmark)

6pm our time
Table 2 Roman Dietzel (Germany) v Mindaugas Maisiejus (Lithuania)
Table 3 Kamil Zubrzycki (Poland - age 16) v Iulian Boiko (Ukraine - age 7)

I'll post full details tomorrow if I can, but looking forward to some of Sunday's matches - Noon our time on table 3 John Sutton plays Adam Stefanów, then at 3 pm our time Michał Zieliński (Poland) v Daniel Kandi (Denmark) on table 2 or Alex Taubmans match on table 3 will be an interesting choice.

Edit: Edited times of matches