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New Pros at Asian Six Red in Doha 24-27 May

Postby roy142857

I see the players list for the Asian Six Reds Championship in Doha includes new pros Ahmed Said and Mohammad Asid, and also Passakorn Suwannawat. Might not actually be there of course, though pretty sure Suwannawat is.

Re: New Pros at Asian Six Red in Doha 24-30 May

Postby roy142857

Not a great return to home soil for successful Q School participant Ahmed Saif, as he had two 5 - 2 losses against Andy Lee Chun Wai and Shivam Arora in the group stages, although 3rd place was enough to see him through to the knockout draw.

Group winners were Saleh Mohammad (Afghanistan), Amir Sarkosh (Iran), Wang Yuchen (China), Mohammad Sajjad (Pakistan), Andy Lee Chun Wai (Hong Kong), Mohammad Asif (Pakistan), Passakorn Suwannawat (Thailand) and Yuttapop Pakpoj (Thailand).

Draw for the knockout stage:

Ali Jalil Ali (Iraq) v Raymond Fung Kwok Wai (Hong Kong), winner plays Amir Sarkosh
Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (Iran) v Abdul Raouf Hasan Saigh (Saudi Arabia), winner plays Andy Lee Chun Wai

Ali Obaidly (Qatar) v Mohanna Obaidly (Qatar), winner plays Wang Yuchen
Mohammad Al Joaker (UAE) v Khalid Sulaeman Al Astal (Palestine), winner plays Passakorn Suwannawat

Marvin Lim Chun Kiat (Singapore) v Mohammed Shehab (UAE), winner plays Mohammad Asif
Ahmed Saif (Qatar) v Wang Zepeng (China), winner plays Mohammad Sajjad

Shivam Arora (India) v Laxman Rawat (India), winner plays Saleh Mohammad
Ammar Mored Taqi (Kuwait) v Mosen Bukshaisha (Qatar), winner plays Yuttapop Pakpoj

Re: New Pros at Asian Six Red in Doha 24-30 May

Postby roy142857

Last 24
Ali Jalil Ali (Iraq) 5 - 4 Raymond Fung Kwok Wai
Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (Iran) 5 - 0 Abdul Raouf Hasan Saigh (Saudi Arabia)
Ali Obaidly (Qatar) 5 - 2 Mohanna Obaidly (Qatar)
Mohammad Al Joaker (UAE) beat Khalid Sulaeman Al Astal (Palestine)
Mohammed Shehab (UAE) 5 - 1 Marvin Lim Chun Kiat (Singapore)
Wang Zepeng (China) 5 - 0 Ahmed Saif (Qatar)
Laxman Rawat (India) 5 - 0 Shivam Arora (India)
Mosen Bukshaisha (Qatar) 5 - 1 Ammar Mored Taqi (Kuwait)

Last 16
Amir Sarkhosh (Iran) 5 - 3 Ali Jalil Ali (Iraq)
Andy Lee Chun Wai (Hong Kong) 5 - 3 Ehsan Heydari Nezhad (Iran)
Ali Obaidly (Qatar) 5 - 1 Wang Yuchen (China)
Mohammad Al Joaker (UAE) 5 - 3 Passakorn Suwannawat (Thailand)
Mohammad Asif (Pakistan) 5 - 1 Mohammed Shehab (UAE)
Mohammad Sejjad (Pakistan) 5 - 0 Wang Zepeng (China)
Laxman Rawat (India) 5 - 3 Saleh Mohammed (Afghanistan)
Yuttapop Pakpoj (Thailand) 5 - 2 Mosen Bukshaisha (Qatar)

Quarter finals
Amir Sarkhosh (Iran) 6 - 4 Andy Lee Chun Wai (Hong Kong)
Mohammad Al Joaker (UAE) 6 - 4 Ali Obaidly (Qatar)
Mohammad Asif (Pakistan) 6 - 2 Mohammad Sejjad (Pakistan)
Laxman Rawat (India) 6 - 2 Yuttapop Pakpoj (Thailand)

So Mohammad Asif is the only player with a Pro Tour card left in the competition ...

Re: New Pros at Asian Six Red in Doha 24-27 May

Postby roy142857

Changed the dates in the title, 28th - 30th May is the Asian Team Championship.

Took an age to find the result of the final, found it on the Doha Stadium Plus website and the full result of the other semi

Semi Final
Amir Sarkhosh (Iran) 6 - 4 Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE)

Mohammad Asif (Pakistan) 7 - 4 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)

Congratulations to 2013 Asian Six Red Champion (and current IBSF World Snooker Champion) Mohammad Asif :win: