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Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Entries from British Isles:

John Whitty (England)
David Lilley (England)
Jeff Cundy (England)
Robert Murphy (Ireland)
John Sutton (Ireland)
Jason Devaney (Ireland)
Ross Muir (Scotland)
Rhys Clark (Scotland)
Michael Collumb (Scotland)
Duane Jones (Wales)
Gareth Allen (Wales)
David John (Wales)

Christopher Taylor (England)
tba (England)
tba (England)
Anthony Bonnar (Ireland)
Mark Tuite (Ireland)
Frank Sarsfield (Ireland)
Nigel Power (Ireland)
Craig MacGillivray (Scotland)
Darren Morgan (Wales)
Ian Sergeant (Wales)
John Terry (Wales)


6 Reds
None so far - I don't think entries have closed for this

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

It might be a senior tournament, but Ukraine have entered their 7 year old (that's right - SEVEN) Iulian Boiko. Given that he did win one match at the European Under 21s (against a 19 year old player), perhaps not as crazy as it sounds ...

Poland as host are entitled to 13 players and have largely gone with youth, 10 of the players would qualify for an under 21s tournament, some familiar names nonetheless:

Michał Zieliński (20)
Grzegorz Biernadski (20)
Adam Stefanów (19)
MacIej Relich (19)
Kacper Filipiak (17)
Patryk Masłowski (16)
Kamil Zubrzycki (16)
Paweł Rogoza (16)
Mateusz Baranowski (15)
Karol Lelek (14)

Plus older players Krzysztof Wróbel, Jarosław Kowalski and Marcin Nitschke

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Don't know why, but no English players listed now for the Masters Championship.

Of course, with his place on the Pro Tour secured, no Ross Muir in the Mens Championship, no replacement player from Scotland it appears (don't know if they'd have been allowed one).

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby markj147

Jamie Bodle was eligible to go but he had booked a holiday months ago. The EASB did ask him to go to the event based on his ranking. Hopefully he will go to the Worlds as he knows the dates and will request the time off work.

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

A quick(ish) run down of the groups players from British Isles are in, 7 players in groups A-D and 6 in the other groups but I'm short of time so won't name them all:

Duane Jones is in Group A, familiar names of Finland's Robin Hull and Malta's Duncan Bezzina in that group too.

David Lilley is in Group B, George Louka from Cyprus has done pretty well in recent competitions so might be the main threat.

Jeff Cundy finds himself in Group C, Maurice Le Duc of the Netherlands and Poland's Krzysztof Wróbel are also in the Group

Group D includes Rhys Clark, Austria's Paul Schopf and Sascha Lippe of Germany.

Group E has Robert Murphy, Poland's Grzegorz Biernadski and Bulgaria's Georgi Velichkov who should be well matched. Plus Belgium's Jurgen van Roy, certainly no pushover.

In Group F, Netherlands Roy Stolk is rated just ahead of John Whitty, Austria's Andreas Ploner is also in the group.

In Group G Michael Collumb will have to improve on his Q School form to get the better of Israel's Shachar Ruberg. Roman Dietzel of Germany and Poland's Mateusz Baranowski are likely also a threat.

In Group H John Sutton can expect to be pushed by Pole Adam Stefanów. Cypriot Antonis Poullos is also in the group.

Jason Devaney is in Group J, along with Roey Fernandez of Israel and Marcin Nitschke of Poland. And my favourite masochistic pleasure of previous Championships has been to watch Lukas Krenec of the Czech Republic on live streaming potting brilliantly whilst getting further and further out of position - maybe he only does this if I'm watching?

Alex Taubman in Group K may have his hands full with Poland's Michał Zieliński, and you can't completely discount Antti Silvo of Finland and Denmark's Daniel Kandi.

In Group L the lack of players from the British Isles doesn't mean the group lacks good players - Kacper Filipiak of Poland stands out of course, but there's also 'Pistol' Pete Bullen of Belgium, Iceland's Kristján Helgason and Sergiy Isayenko of the Ukraine, in theory a really tight group.

And finally Group M, where Gareth Allen finds himself up against Malta's veteran Alex Borg but should be careful of 3 experienced players in their mid to late 30's, Bernharð Bernharðsson of Iceland, Tom Zimmermann of Switzerland and Poland's Jarosław Kowalski.

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Whilst most of the 2013/14 Pro Tour players start their season in Gloucester, action is under way in Zielona Góra to find the European Champion and probable penultimate player on the Tour.

Quick 4-0 opening win for Duane Jones against Portugal's Paulo Pereira, and ex-pro and 1997 European Champion Robin Hull looks like winning 4 - 1 against one of the more inexperienced Poles, Patryk Masłowski

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Good day for the players from the British Isles, as all except Gareth Allen played their opening matches and won, Allen has his first match tomorrow.

A couple of surprises today as Poland's Krzysztof Wróbel lost 4-2 to Tom Limor of Israel, and Sascha Lippe of Germany lost to 16 year old Estonian Andres Petrov 4-1. Austria's Andreas Ploner had a narrow 4-3 escape against another 16 year old, Poland's Kamil Zubrzycki.

In early key matches, Kacper Filipiak of Poland beat Ukraine's Sergiy Isayenko 4-3, and the same scoreline saw Poland's Mateusz Baranowski edge Germany's Roman Dietzel. And another Polish victory as Grzegorz Biernadski beat Georgi Velichkov of Bulgaria 4-2, maybe home advantage helping.

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby Wildey

although my main focus is the proffesional game in Gloucester i do have 1 eye on Poland

Gareth Allen beat Jarosław Kowalski 4-0 with a top break of 57

but Duane Jones lost 4-3 to Duncan Bezzina of Malta

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

4 players from each of the 12 groups go through to the last 48, so unlikely any key players will miss out. Being the group leader or one of the best 2nd place players is handy from a seeding point of view, and also getting a bit of a break at the last 48 round can prove important.

England's John Whitty became the second player to have a close call against 16 year old Kamil Zubrzycki of Poland, like Andreas Ploner yesterday edging him 4-3. Poland's Adam Stefanov struggled unexpectedly against Mats Eriksson (Sweden), but emerged the winner 4-3.

Three matches that might have been expected to be close:

Bernharð Bernharðsson (Iceland) 4 – 3 Tom Zimmermann (Switzerland)
Georgi Velichkov (Bulgaria) 4 – 2 Jurgen Van Roy (Belgium)
Shachar Ruberg (Israel) 4 – 0 Mateusz Baranowski (Poland)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby Wildey

As a honorary Dane im keeping tabs on the Denmark players. Daniel Kandi going well in the Group featuring welsh Q School player Alex Taubman hes won both his opening matches and Danny Erikson was leading ex pro Robin Hull 2-1 before Robin won 4-2 but Kenneth Pedersen has only won 1 frame in 2 matches.

in the Masters Rune Kampe probably Denmark's greatest player is going well with 2 wins out of 2 and Allan Norvark has won 1 match and lost 1 match.

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

More detail on yesterday including Robert Murphy's 133 break, from the match reports on the EBSA website: ... with-jones ... cks-in-133 ... dish-scare

plus a short article on PJ Nolan's coaching session with Poland's Agata Czerwinska: ... oes-polish

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Decent performance today by Iulian Boiko, the 7 year old from the Ukraine, as he lost 4 – 2 to Germany’s Thomas Brünner.

Other matches involving the higher ranker players today:

Robert Murphy (Ireland) 4 – 0 Georgi Velichkov (Bulgaria)
Grzegorz Biernadski (Poland) 4 – 0 Jurgen Van Roy (Belgium)
Andreas Ploner (Austria) 4 – 1 John Whitty (England)
Mateusz Baranowski (Poland) 4 – 3 Michael Collumb (Scotland)
Roman Dietzel (Germany) 4 – 3 Shachar Ruberg (Israel)
John Sutton (Ireland) 4 – 3 Mats Eriksson (Sweden)
Mario Brincat (Malta) 4 – 2 George Louka (Cyprus)
Antonis Poullos (Cyprus) 4 – 3 Adam Stefanow (Poland)
Jason Devaney (Ireland) 4 – 1 Marcin Nitschke (Poland)
Peter Bullen (Belgium) 4 – 3 Sergiy Isayenko (Ukraine)
Gareth Allen (Wales) 4 -1 Tom Zimmermann (Switzerland)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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Top breaks so far (80+) in the Mens:

Robert Murphy 133
Mateusz Baranowski 132
Duane Jones 125, 86
John Sutton 118
Alex Borg 104
Jason Devaney 104
David Lilley 102
Shachar Ruberg 100
Rhys Clark 98
Marcin Nitschke 91
Sascha Lippe 89
Gareth Allen 85
Robin Hull 81
Mario Brincat 80

Top breaks so far (60+) in the Masters:

Darren Morgan 75, 67
Anthony Bonnar 71
Craig MacGillivray 69
Mario Van Herk 68
Alan Trigg 65
Mark Tuite 63
Frank Sarsfield 63

Top breaks so far (40+) in the Ladies:

Wendy Jans 71, 66, 49, 41
Daria Sirotina 54

Stories from yesterday on the EBSA site: ... s-opponent ... rbataya-co ... 4-in-a-row ... in-group-g

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Just to say, not been much excitement about the Ladies competition so far as practically every match has gone to form. There are 4 groups of 7 and none of the top 3 ranked players in each group have played each other yet, and only two have lost:

The 3rd ranked player in Group B, Stefanie Teschner of Germany, lost against Roberta Cutajar of Malta, who is probably the best of the fourth ranked players in the competition.

The 2nd ranked player in Group D, Inese Lukashevska of Latvia has been struggling, scraping a 3-2 win over Valerie Savonet of France and losing 3-0 to Manon Melief of the Netherlands.

For the record, the (as yet) unbeaten Ladies are Tatjana Vasiljeva (Lithuania), Diana Stateczny (Germany), Małgorzata Sikorska (Poland), Wendy Jans (Belgium), Irina Gorbataya (Russia), Ewa Pawińska (Poland), Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia), Yana Shut (Belarus), Daria Sirotina (Russia) and Diana Schuler (Germany).

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Most of the 8 groups in the Masters competition going to form too (there's 7 groups of 5 and 1 of 6).

Main exception if Group D, where Ukraine's coach Alan Trigg is the 3rd ranked player but showing the kind of form he can still hit, 2nd ranked Doron Lavie of Israel went down 3-0 and Scotland's Craig MacGillivray 3-1.

And in Group E 2nd ranked Allan Norvark of Denmark lost 3-2 to France's Stephane Ochoiski.

Unbeaten so far in addition to Alan Trigg are Darren Morgan (Wales), Mario Van Herk (Belgium), Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium), Nigel Power (Ireland), Frank Sarsfield (Ireland), Rene Dikstra (Netherlands), Anthony Bonnar (Ireland), Ian Sargeant (Wales), Rafał Jewtuch (Poland), John Terry (Wales), Rune Kampe (Denmark), Mark Tuite (Ireland) and Costas Konnaris (Cyprus).

Małgorzata Sikorska of Poland is competing in this as well as the Ladies competition, not won a match but holding her own ok, taking 1 frame from each of the 3 matches she's played.

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

A selection of results from today:

Robin Hull (Finland) 4 – 0 Duncan Bezzina (Malta)
David Lilley (England) 4 – 0 Mario Brincat (Malta)
Maciej Relich (Poland) 4 – 3 George Louka (Cyprus)
Robert Murphy (Ireland) 4 – 1 Grzegorz Biernadski (Poland)
Michael Collumb (Scotland) 4 – 3 Roman Dietzel (Germany)
John Sutton (Ireland) 4 – 1 Antonis Poullos (Cyprus)
Alex Taubman (Wales) 4 – 1 Daniel Kandi (Denmark)
Kristján Helgason (Iceland) 4 – 1 Sergiy Isayenko (Ukraine)
Peter Bullen (Belgium) 4 – 2 Kacper Filipiak (Poland)
Alex Borg (Malta) 4 – 0 Tom Zimmermann (Switzerland)
Gareth Allen (Wales) 4 – 1 Bernharð Bernharðsson (Iceland)
Roy Stolk (Netherlands) 4 – 2 Andreas Ploner (Austria)

Diana Stateczny (Germany) 3 – 0 Małgorzata Sikorska (Poland)
Wendy Jans (Belgium) 3 – 0 Roberta Cutajar (Malta)
Irina Gorbataya (Russia) 3 – 1 Stefanie Teschner (Germany)
Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia) 3 – 0 Yana Shut (Belarus)
Inese Lukashevska (Latvia) 3 – 1 Diana Schuler (Germany)

In the Masters Alan Trigg (Ukraine) has now completed all his group matches, only dropping 2 frames. Other results of interest:
Anthony Bonnar (Ireland) 3 – 0 Allan Norvark (Denmark)
Ian Sargeant (Wales) 3 – 0 Rafał Jewtuch (Poland)
Rune Kampe (Denmark) 3 – 0 John Terry (Wales)
Costas Konnaris (Cyprus) 3 – 2 Mark Tuite (Ireland)
Craig MacGillivray (Scotland) 3 – 0 Doron Lavie (Israel)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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EBSA website articles about yesterday's matches: ... se-control ... high-break

Plus an article about PJ Nolan's coaching session with the Bulgarian team: ... -bulgarian

And first article today about Darren Morgan securing No. 1 seeding for the Masters knockout draw: ... -no-1-spot

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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A few results

Jason Devaney (Ireland) 4 - 3 Roey Fernandez (Israel)
Michał Zieliński (Poland) 4 - 2 Alex Taubman (Wales)
Kristján Helgason (Iceland) 4 - 0 Kacper Filipiak (Poland)
Alex Borg (Malta) 4 - 0 Bernharð Bernharðsson (Iceland)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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More results

Robin Hull (Finland) 4 – 3 Duane Jones (Wales)
Antti Mannila (Finland) 4 – 2 Mario Brincat (Malta)
Jeff Cundy (England) 4 – 2 Krzysztof Wróbel (Poland)
Sascha Lippe (Germany) 4 – 1 Rhys Clark (Scotland)
Robert Murphy (Ireland) 4 – 3 Jurgen Van Roy (Belgium)
Grzegorz Biernadski (Poland) 4 – 2 Benjamin McCabe (Sweden)
Roy Stolk (Netherlands) 4 – 1 John Whitty (England)
Shachar Ruberg (Israel) 4 – 2 Michael Collumb (Scotland)

Tatjana Vasiljeva (Lithuania) 3 - 2 Małgorzata Sikorska (Poland)
Wendy Jans (Belgium) 3 - 0 Stefanie Teschner (Germany)
Ewa Pawińska (Poland) 3 - 2 Yana Shut (Belarus)
Daria Sirotina (Russia) 3 - 0 Diana Schuler (Germany)

Małgorzata Sikorska (Poland) 3 - 0 Darius Bublys (Lithuania)
Frank Sarsfield (Ireland) 3 - 1 Rene Dikstra (Netherlands)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby Wildey

Today its top match in Group H Alex Borg v Gareth Allen both on 4 wins out of 4 matches Alex Borg conceded only 1 frame and Gareth Allen conceded only 2 frames.

already with 100% records are

Robin Hull (Finland) 5/5 conceded 6 frames
David Lilley (England) 5/5 conceded 3 frames
Jeff Cundy (England) 5/5 conceded 3 frames
Robert Murphy (Ireland) 5/5 conceded 6 frames
Roy Stalk (Holland) 5/5 conceded 6 frames

John Sutton (England) 4/4 Conceded 4 frames
Jason Devaney (Ireland) 4/4 conceded 6 frames
Michał Zieliński (Poland) 4/4 conceded 3 frames
Kristján Helgason (Iceland) 4/4 Conceded 1 frame
Peter Bullen (Belgium) 4/4 Conceded 5 frames

Group stages are coming to an end today before the Knock out stages starts with the top 48 going through to that stage those players i mentioned above are favorites to get a bye in to the Last 32 as the top 16 seeds.

Remember the Winner this week will get a belated place on the Main Tour and the first tournament that they will be eligible to play in on the Main Tour would be 19th of July Rotterdam Open (ET 2) Closing date for entry will be 14th of June

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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Mens Round up of groups A - D

Group A
Duane Jones (Wales) 4 – 3 Patryk Masłowski (Poland)

1st Robin Hull (Finland)
2nd Duncan Bezzina (Malta)
3rd Duane Jones (Wales)
4th Patryk Masłowski (Poland)

Group B
David Lilley (England) 4 – 2 George Louka (Cyprus)
Antti Mannila (Finland) 4 – 2 Maciej Relich (Poland)
George Louka (Cyprus) 4 – 3 Antti Mannila (Finland)
Mario Brincat (Malta) 4 – 3 Bratislav Krastev (Bulgaria)

1st David Lilley (England)
2nd Antti Mannila (Finland)
3rd Mario Brincat (Malta)
4th George Louka (Cyprus)

Group C
Jeff Cundy (England) 4 – 1 Maurice Le Duc (Netherlands)

1st Jeff Cundy (England)
2nd Maurice Le Duc (Netherlands)
3rd Krzysztof Wróbel (Poland)
4th Tom Limor (Israel)

Group D
Rhys Clark (Scotland) 4 – 1 Paul Schopf (Austria)

Matches still to play, but Clark, Sascha Lippe (Germany) and Andres Petrov (Estonia) are all through – Lippe could overtake Clark, Petrov could overtake Lippe. Schopf or Poland’s Paweł Rogoza will be the 4th qualifier, they play tomorrow, if I understand the rules correctly Rogoza needs to win by 3 at least frames to go through.

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Round up of groups E - H

Group E
1st Robert Murphy (Ireland)
2nd Grzegorz Biernadski (Poland)
3rd Georgi Velichkov (Bulgaria)
4th Benjamin McCabe (Sweden)

Group F
1st Roy Stolk (Netherlands)
2nd Andreas Ploner (Austria)
3rd John Whitty (England)
4th Kamil Zubrzycki (Poland)

Group G
1st Shachar Ruberg (Israel)
2nd Mateusz Baranowski (Poland)
3rd Michael Collumb (Scotland) or Roman Dietzel (Germany)
(Not sure of the tie break rule after frame difference)

Group H
John Sutton (Ireland) 4 – 3 Adam Stefanów (Poland)

1st John Sutton (Ireland)
2nd Antonis Poullos (Cyprus)
3rd Adam Stefanów (Poland)
4th Mats Eriksson (Sweden)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

Postby roy142857

Round up of groups J - M

Group J
Marcin Nitschke (Poland) 4 – 3 Roey Fernandez (Israel)

1st jason Devaney (Ireland)
2nd Marcin Nitschke (Poland)
3rd Roey Fernandez (Israel)
4th Lukas Krenec (Czechia)

Group K
Michał Zieliński (Poland) 4 – 1 Daniel Kandi (Denmark)

1st Michał Zieliński (Poland)
2nd Alex Taubman (Wales)
3rd Daniel Kandi (Denmark)
4th Siarhei Melnichonak (Belarus)

Group L
Kristján Helgason (Iceland) 4 – 0 ‘Pistol’ Pete Bullen (Belgium)

1st Kristján Helgason (Iceland)
2nd Peter Bullen (Belgium)
3rd Kacper Filipiak (Poland)
4th Sergiy Isayenko (Ukraine)

Group M
Jarosław Kowalski (Poland) 4 – 2 Bernharð Bernharðsson (Iceland)

1st Alex Borg (Malta)
2nd Gareth Allen (Wales)
3rd Jarosław Kowalski (Poland)
4th Bernharð Bernharðsson (Iceland)

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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Masters seedings following groups – 1. Darren Morgan (Wales), 2. Frank Sarsfield (Ireland), 3. Costas Konnaris (Cyprus), 4. Ian Sergeant (Wales), 5. Rune Kampe (Denmark), 6. Anthony Bonnar (Ireland), 7. Alan Trigg (Ukraine), 9. Nigel Power (Ireland)

Masters Last 32 (Playing at Noon our time)
Darren Morgan (Wales) v Viktor Myroniu (Ukraine)
Richard Kornberger (Austria) v Craig MacGillivray (Scotland)

Rene Dikstra (Netherlands) v Allan Norvark (Denmark)
Rafał Jewtuch (Poland) v Nigel Power (Ireland)

Rune Kampe (Denmark) v Jacek Rudowicz (Poland)
Doron Lavie (Israel) v Mark Tuite (Ireland)

Stephane Ochoiski (France) v Thomas Damm (Germany)
Małgorzata Sikorska (Poland) v Ian Sergeant (Wales)

Costas Konnaris (Cyprus) v Peter Varga (Hungary)
Peter Bertens (Netherlands) v John Terry (Wales)

Pál Vantara (Hungary) v Urs Freitag (Switzerland)
Ebrahim Baghi (Austria) v Anthony Bonnar (Ireland)

Alan Trigg (Ukrane) v Marcin Kolibski (Poland)
Jörg Schneidewindt (Germany) v Mario Van Herk (Belgium)

Yvan Van Velthoven (Belgium) v Bernard Ballestra (France)
Krzysztof Kubicki (Poland) v Frank Sarsfield (Ireland)

Breaks of 60+ in the Masters
Darren Morgan 130, 75, 70, 68, 67, 62
Rene Dikstra 75
Anthony Bonnar 71
Craig MacGillivray 69
Mark Tuite 68, 63
Mario Van Herk 68
Alan Trigg 65, 65, 62
Frank Sarsfield 63

Re: European Championship 2013 28 May - 6 Jun

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Mens Group D
Sascha Lippe won his last match 4-0 to take top spot in Group D, Rhys Clark 2nd, 16 year old Andres Petrov 3rd
Mens Last 48 will be played this afternoon at 3 pm our time, last 32 tomorrow morning at 9 am our time.

Qualifiers for the last 16, to be played Noon our time tomorrow

Group A qualifiers
1st Tatjana Vasiljeva (Lithuania)
2nd Diana Stateczny (Germany)
3rd Małgorzata Sikorska (Poland)
4th Nikoleta Nikolova (Bulgaria)

Group B qualifiers
1st Wendy Jans (Belgium) (who hasn’t dropped a frame)
2nd Irina Gorbataya (Russia)
3rd Roberta Cutajar (Malta)
4th Stefanie Teschner (Germany)

Group C qualifiers
1st Anastasia Nechaeva (Russia)
2nd Ewa Pawińska (Poland)
3rd Yana Shut (Belarus)
4th spot ‘in the balance’ between Linda Lassaut (France), Claudia Weber (Switzerland) and Weronika Nowicka (Poland) – depends on result of Lassaut v Weber this morning.

Group D qualifiers
1st Daria Sirotina (Russia)
2nd Diana Schuler (Germany)
3rd Manon Melief (Netherlands)
4th Inese Lukashevska (Latvia)

Edit: Group D in the Ladies, I forgot Manon Melief was still playing, she takes 3rd ahead of Inese Lukashevska so edited to change the order