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EASB Q School qualifying results

Postby roy142857

So, EASB supposed to sponsor 2 players at Q school, the winners of the Northern and Southern final touraments.

Results are out for the Northern section, but I've no idea what the result of someone winning who is already qualified for the tour is ... also, some players with multiple entries as the qualified from previous stages but also able to pay entry fee for final stage, hence the odd result in the Northern section.

Quoting from the letter for the Northern Section Stage 3 (i.e. finals)

"The event will be played down to one winner".
"The winner will gain one free entry into World Snooker Q School (Value £1000). The Runner-Up will receive prize money of £160. There will be a £50 highest break prize."

Results follow. Hopefully for the Southern section too eventually, as was noted elsewhere the remaining matches have probably not been played yet ...

Re: EASB Q School qualifying results

Postby roy142857

Northern Section

Last 16
Christopher Keogan 4 - 2 John Welsh
Elliot Slessor 4 - 0 Chris Jones
Shaun Wilkes 4 - 3 James Silverwood
Gary Wilson 4 - 0 Darren Cook
Brandon Sargeant 4 - 2 Chris Jones
Gary Wilson w/o Sam Craigie
John Welsh 4 - 2 Darren Cook
Shaun Wilkes 4 - 3 Christopher Keogan

Quarter Finals
Elliot Slessor 4 - 0 Christopher Keogan
Gary Wilson 4 - 1 Shaun Wilkes
Gary Wilson 4 - 0 Brandon Sargeant
John Welsh 4 - 3 Shaun Wilkes

Semi Finals
Gary Wilson 4 - 0 Elliot Slessor
Gary Wilson 4 - 1 John Welsh

Of course, no final! And Wilson is already qulaified for the Tour via the PTC route ... he also managed the high break with a 119.

Re: EASB Q School qualifying results

Postby Roland

That is quite shocking actually! So they're playing for Q School entry and one guy who doesn't need it is playing himself in the final. #careless

Re: EASB Q School qualifying results

Postby roy142857

The Southern finals:

A couple of notable early 'double losers' using up both of their entries - Jordan Winbourne lost 4 - 2 to Sam Harvey in the prelims, and 4 - 1 to Jamie Brown in the last 32. And Billy Castle lost 4 - 3 twice in the Last 32, to Sydney Wilson and Hammad Miah.

Last 16
Anthony Harris 4 - 3 Callum Downing
Sam Harvey 4 - 1 Adam Edge
Lee Page 4 - 3 Nick Jennings
Sydney Wilson 4 - 3 Damian Wilks
Adam Bobat 4 - 0 Saqib Nasir
Hammad Miah 4 - 1 Ryan Causton
Lee Page 4 - 1 Nick Jennings
Jamie Brown 4 - 2 Adam Edge

Quarter Finals
Sam Harvey 4 - 1 Anthony Harris
Harvey had a 114 break
Sydney Wilson 4 - 3 Lee Page
Hammad Miah 4 -1 Adam Bobat
Lee Page 4 - 1 Jamie Brown

Semi Finals
Sam Harvey 4 - 1 Sydney Wilson
Hammad Miah 4 - 2 Lee Page

Sam Harvey 4 - 2 Hammad Miah

Congratulations to Sam Harvey :win:

Re: EASB Q School qualifying results

Postby Roland

Yes congratulations to Sam. I hope he progresses onto the main tour because I've seen him several times and the boy knows how to play snooker.