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Dreilanderkampf: Austria v Germany v Switzerland

Postby roy142857

The 2012 Dreilanderkampf, an annual snooker contest between Austria, Germany and Switzerland, is taking place this weekend in Basel, Switzerland.

Each team has six players, and each player plays 2 frames against all the players from the other 2 teams.

The teams :

Lasse Münstermann, Jürgen Kesseler, Michael Betzinger, Julian Gärtner, Norbert Eckstein, Holger Rehm

Joachim Gantner, Arno Wild, Alexander Stadler, Chau Zi Kim, Jan Egermann, Lorenz Propst

Mohanraj Sivasubramaniam, Urs Freitag, Alexander Ursenbacher, Marvin Losi, Stefan Schneider, Pascal Camenzind

Sorry, haven't the time to add up the scores so far to see who's leading, results of the 2 frame matches here -

Re: Dreilanderkampf: Austria v Germany v Switzerland

Postby roy142857

Congratulations to the winning German team! And to Lasse Münstermann, who only dropped one frame all weekend.



1. Germany 82 frames
2. Switzerland 66 frames
3. Austria 64 frames

Best individual performances:

1. Lasse Münstermann (Germany) 23 - 1
2. Alexander Ursenbacher (Switzerland) 20 - 4
3. Norbert Eckstein (Germany) 18 - 6
4. Chau Zi Kim (Austria) 14 - 8