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English masters (over 40's) last 16 2012

Postby Kev

Played at Leeds, northern snooker centre
May 12th, 2012

Last 16 results
Jonathan Bagley beat Philip freeman 4-0
Steve Judd beat Ashley Beal 4-1
Wayne Brown beat Kevin Firth 4-0
Paul Norris beat Danny Connolly 4-0
Matthew Davis beat Paul Honess 4-0
Chris Taylor beat Alan Edmonds 4-2
Andrew Millard beat Gary Spencer 4-3
John ashford Smith vs Anthony Hart (sorry no result was at 3-3)

Quarter final
Bagley beat brown 4-1
Norris beat Davis 4-0
Judd beat smith/hart 4-0
Taylor beat Millard (sorry no result)

Semi final - results
Jonathan Bagley beat Steve Judd 4-2
Chris Taylor beat Paul Norris 4-2

Winners of semi goes to easb finals weekend for final, don't have all the results sorry