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English 6reds last 16 2012

Postby Kev

Played at Leeds, northern snooker centre
April 22nd 2012
Four players did a no show due to U21 event at claycoss those players was
Tom maxfield
Elliot slessor
Clapton humphries
Kamran ashraf

Two groups of six remained with top four from each group going into QF knockout seedings in brackets after group stages 1 from A plays 4 from B etc

Brain Pritchard
John Ashley (2)
Jason Tart (4)
Liam Clark
James Buck (1)
Joe Roberts (3)

Matthew Davis (4)
Ryan Clark (3)
Darren Lock
Kevin Firth (1)
Ryan Mears (2)
Michael Heyworth

Quarter Final results
James Buck (1) beat Matthew Davis (4) 5-2
John Ashley (2) beat Ryan Clark (3) 5-4
Kevin Firth (1) beat Jason Tart (4) 5-0
Ryan Mears (2) beat Joe Roberts (3) 5-4

Semi final results
John Ashley beat Kevin Firth 5-1
Ryan Mears v James Buck was 2-1 to Mears when I left

Winners of semi goes to easb finals weekend for final

Re: English 6reds last 16 2012

Postby roy142857

Thanks for all the info Kev ...

Ryan Mears edged James Buck 5 - 4 in the last semi final ...

... so final will be Ryan Mears v John Astley

Also just to note, Joe Roberts had a clearance of 72 in his losing effort in the quarter final, a nice 70 by Jason Tart during the group stage too.