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Re: Yu Delu Asian Six Red Champion

Postby roy142857

With apologies, I sat here thinking ... didn't he win it last year ... and yes, he did, and that's exactly what I was seeing results for ... so that's 1 year old news. Sorry folks!

And why did I pick it up - because it's listed as 'Latest News' on the ACBS website (note to self - read more carefully in future ...).

Nonetheless, the Asian Six Red Championship should indeed have been played at the weekend, which is why I was looking for results. Can't find the real results at the moment!

Re: Asian Six Red Championships

Postby roy142857

Witz78 wrote:funny you should say that cos i thought it seemed familiar

and espec with Delu being on the pro tour at present

Yes, should have been more with it ... though non-UK pros do seem to pop up in tournaments in their home countries from time to time (such as the Chinese Championship where Li Yan was taken ill).