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English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

Run by the English Association of Snooker & Billiards, this was the tour that in 2010/11 gave their nomination for the Pro Tour to Sam Baird.

Five Stage One events will be held, with the top 16 qualifying for a further 3 Stage Two events leading to an 8 player play-off.

Jeff Cundy won the second event at the North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre at the weekend (5th / 6th November) ...


... in nail-biting style, with 4-3 victories over Kyren Wilson and Robbie Williams en route to a 5-4 win over event one winner Gary Wilson. Gary Wilson has the consolation of leading the rankings with 454 points, from Williams (324), Kyren Wilson (323), Cundy (263) and Michael Wild (244).

Shaun Wilkes had the highest break with a 133. Other century breaks were Cundy with a 119 and Gary Wilson with 117 and 104.

Event Three will be held in Leeds on 10th/11th December.

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby Roland

Are there any main tour places available for the tour winner?

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

Sonny wrote:Are there any main tour places available for the tour winner?

EASB are entitled to nominate one player to World Snooker, and in the normal run of things World Snooker accepts that nomination. And the tour winner is guaranteed to be the player nominated. Which is how Sam Baird got his place on the Tour last year. EASB states "A Main Tour place is normally awarded to the winner of this series, but this is subject to a place being made available by World Snooker, and acceptance of any nomination will be entirely at the discretion of World Snooker."

Wish World Snooker would guarantee the place, given the quality of players involved I don't see why they don't ...

EASB also run a Q School qualifying competition, which I think resulted in 3 players last year having their Q School fees paid for by EASB. There's some weird system in place where the later you enter the competition the higher the fee you have to pay, I think you can have multiple entries too. Details are somewhere on EASB's website, I'll have a look when I have more time

Robbie Williams win Pro Ticket Tour Event 3

Postby roy142857

Robbie Williams won event 3 of the English Pro Ticket Tour at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds at the weekend,


edging Gary Wilson 5-4 in the final. Wilson did well enough to remain on top of the rankings and scored the two highest breaks of event 3 (137 and 120), Williams is second in the standings and Kyren Wilson 3rd.

Williams had been dominant on his way to the final, beating Mark Vincent 4-0, James Gillespie 4-1 and Kyren Wilson 4-1. Wilson had come through a close match with Allan Taylor (4-3) before 4-1 wins against Craig Steadman and Ian Burns. Round 2 winner Jeff Cundy went out at the last 16 stage this time, losing to Shaun Wilkes. Notable absentees were Lee Page, James McGouran and Tom Maxfield, who all slip back in the standings.

Current top 16:

Gary Wilson 658
Robbie Williams 574
Kyren Wilson 484
Jeff Cundy 315
James Gillespie 292
Terry Challenger 261
Michael Wild 255
Alex Dunkley 235
Shaun Wilkes 181
Ian Burns 161
Callum Downing 155
Craig Steadman 155
Elliot Slessor 154
James McGouran 144
Tom Maxfield 135
Antony Parsons 124

Notes re points - the top 16 from stage 1 (five events) will qualify for the three stage 2 events. Points are awarded 250 for a win, 200 for losing finalist, 160 semi-final, 120 quarter final, 50 last 16, 20 last 32, 10 last 64, plus bonus points of 1 point per frame won in a loss.

Event 4 will be on 21st/22nd January in Woking.

EDIT 9th January - a change of venue has been announced for Event 4 - now in Coulsden - guessing this would be at Frames Sports Bar?

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

Gary Wilson extended his lead in the rankings with victory in Event 4 of the English Pro Ticket Tour at Frames Sports Bar in Coulsdon last weekend.

Well done Gary


(That makes 4 finals from 4 events, with two victories)

Notable absentees were Ian Burns (10th in the rankings having only competed once), Shaun Wilkes (9th) and James McGouran (14th), whilst a number of the ranked contenders fell at the last 32 stage – Kyren Wilson (ranked 3rd), Terry Challenger (6th), Michael Wild (7th), Callum Downing (11th) and Craig Steadman (12th).

Results from last 16 on:
James Gillespie 4-0 Tom Maxfield
Jeff Cundy 4-1 Darren Lock
Robbie Williams w/o (both Oliver Lines and Ashley Hugill scratched)
Ryan Causton 4-0 Sachin Plaha
Billy Castle 4-2 Lewis Frampton
Alex Dunkley w/o (both James Hill and Lee Walters scratched)
Gary Wilson 4-3 Michael Wild
Scott Bell 4-1 Elliot Slessor

James Gillespie 4-3 Jeff Cundy
Ryan Causton 4-3 Robbie Williams
Alex Dunkley 4-2 Billy Castle
Gary Wilson 4-0 Scott Bell

Ryan Causton 4-1 James Gillespie
Gary Wilson 4-0 Alex Dunkley

Gary Wilson 5-2 Ryan Causton

Top breaks:
Ryan Causton 142, 129, 105, 100, 79
Robbie Williams 127, 110, 104
Jeff Cundy 124, 102
James Gillespie 86
Kyren Wilson 81
Gary Wilson 80
Scott Bell 77

Updated rankings:
(top 16 after 5 events qualify for stage 2)
1. Gary Wilson 908
2. Robbie Williams 697
3. Kyren Wilson 507
4. James Gillespie 453
5. Jeff Cundy 438
6. Alex Dunkley 395
7. Michael Wild 318
8. Terry Challenger 281
9. Billy Castle 246
10. Ryan Causton 224
11. Elliot Slessor 215
12. Tom Maxfield 195
13. Shaun Wilkes 181
14. Callum Downing 176
15. Craig Steadman 175
16. Ian Burns 161
17. Antony Parsons 146
18. James McGouran 144
19. Mark Vincent 141
20. Lee Page 121
21. Scott Bell 120
22. Darren Lock 118

Event 5 will be on the 4th & 5th February in Stockport

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

Craig Steadman has followed up on his good PTC campaign with a victory in Event 5 of the Pro Ticket Tour in Stockport.


James Gillespie, 4th in the rankings, went out at the last 64 stage, 8th placed Terry Challenger lost 1-4 to Steadman in the last 32, 10th placed Ryan Causton withdrew, and 12th placed Tom Maxfield lost 1-4 to Robbie Williams in the last 32. Steadman’s toughest match came in the last 16 against Jeff Cundy.

Mark Vincent just misses out on a place in the next stage despite a decent performance, in part because Ashley Hugill was propelled into the last 8 by the absence of his last 32 opponent James McGouran and both his potential last 16 opponents. Not his fault at all, but not good.

Results from last 16 on:
Robbie Williams 4 – 3 Christopher Keogan
Mark Vincent 3 -4 Oliver Lines
Craig Steadman 4 – 3 Jeff Cundy
Alex Dunkley 1 – 4 Kyren Wilson
Michael Wilde 2 – 4 Billy Castle
Ashley Hugill w/o (both Gareth Green and Kamran Ashraf absent)
Joel Walker 4 – 3 Elliot Slessor
Gary Wilson 4 – 1 Antony Parsons

Robbie Williams 4 – 1 Oliver Lines
Craig Steadman 4 – 1 Kyren Wilson
Billy Castle 4 – 0 Ashley Hugill
Joel Walker n/s – Gary Wilson

Robbie Williams 0 – 4 Craig Steadman
Billy Castle 4 – 3 Gary Wilson

Craig Steadman 5 – 1 Billy Castle

Century Breaks
Robbie Williams 124
Craig Steadman 120, 111
Gary Wilson 111

Updated Standings
(top 16 qualify for stage 2)
1. Gary Wilson 1071
2. Robbie Williams 857
3. Kyren Wilson 628
4. Jeff Cundy 491
5. James Gillespie 465
6. Billy Castle 447
7. Alex Dunkley 446
8. Craig Steadman 425
9. Michael Wild 370
10. Terry Challenger 302
11. Elliot Slessor 215
12. Ryan Causton 224
13. Tom Maxfield 216
14. Ashley Hugill 203
15. Callum Downing 199
16. Antony Parsons 197
17. Mark Vincent 194
17. Shaun Wilkes 194
19. Oliver Lines 193
20. Ian Burns 183
21. Joel Walker 164

Stage 2 Event 1 will be on 25th and 26th February in Leeds.

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

As far as I can make out Elliott Slessor, Ashley Hugill, Callum Downing and Antony Parsons haven't taken up their places in Stage 2, and Mark Vincent and Shaun Wilkes have taken two of the spare places.

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

Tom Maxfield won Event 1 of Stage2 of the English Pro Ticket Tour at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds at the weekend.


Robbie Williams made a small inroad into Gary Wilson's ranking lead.

(Gary Wilson and Tom Maxfield had byes in round 1)
Ryan Causton 0 – 4 Craig Steadman
Michael Wild 3 – 4 Jeff Cundy
Robbie Williams
4 – 0 Shaun Wilkes
Kyren Wilson 1 – 4 James Gillespie
Terry Challenger 1 – 4 Alex Dunkley
Mark Vincent 1 – 4 Billy Castle

Tom Maxfield
beat Craig Steadman
Jeff Cundy lost to Robbie Williams
James Gillespie
4 – 0 Alex Dunkley
Billy Castle 4 – 1 Gary Wilson

Tom Maxfield 4 – 3 Robbie Williams
James Gillespie 1 – 4 Billy Castle

Tom Maxfield
5 – 3 Billy Castle

High break was James Gillespie with a 126

Points for stage 2 – winner 300; finalist 220; semi-finalist 160; quarter finalist 100; last 16 50; 1 point per frame in losing effort.
(The rankings below are my calculation so not official, and don’t include any points for frames won by Steadman and Cundy in the quarter finals)
1. Gary Wilson 1172
2. Robbie Williams 1020
3. Kyren Wilson 671
4. Billy Castle 670
5. James Gillespie 626
6. Jeff Cundy 591
7. Alex Dunkley 546
8. Craig Steadman 525
9. Tom Maxfield 506
10. Michael Wild 423
11. Terry Challenger 353
12. Ryan Causton 274
13. Mark Vincent 245
14. Shaun Wilkes 244

Event 2 of Stage 2 will be at the South West Snooker Academy on 24th and 25th of March.

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

Postby roy142857

Billy Castle won Event 2 of Stage 2 of the English Pro Ticket Tour yesterday at the South West Snooker Academy (an event that may not live up to its name, but the players are still competing ...)

One or two surprise early exits in this one, and with Robbie Williams going out in the first round Gary Wilson extends his lead, but Castle and Kyren Wilson have closed the gap on both.

(Shaun Wilkes and Mark Vincent had byes in Round 1)

Alex Dunkley 4 - 3 Terry Challenger
Kyren Wilson 4 - 1 Jeff Cundy
Tom Maxfield 4 - 3 James Gillespie
Ryan Causton 4 - 3 Robbie Williams
Gary Wilson 4 - 3 Michael Wild
Billy Castle 4 - 1 Craig Steadman

Kyren Wilson 4 - 1 Alex Dunkley
Tom Maxfield 4 - 3 Ryan Causton
Billy Castle 4 - 3 Gary Wilson
Shaun Wilkes 4 - 1 Mark Vincent

Kyren Wilson 4 - 3 Tom Maxfield
Billy Castle 4 - 0 Shaun Wilkes

Billy Castle 5 - 2 Kyren Wilson

High break was Kyren Wilson with a 137

Rankings after 7 events:
Gary Wilson 1275
Robbie Williams 1073
Billy Castle 970
Kyren Wilson 901
James Gillespie 679
Tom Maxfield 669
Alex Dunkley 647
Jeff Cundy 643
Craig Steadman 579
Michael Wild 466
Terry Challenger 406
Shaun Wilkes 404
Ryan Causton 377
Mark Vincent 346

Re: English Pro Ticket Tour

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Robbie Williams won event 3 of stage 2 of the English Pro Ticket Tour at the North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre on Saturday.


Williams ended up with a bye through to the semi-final thanks to the withdrawal of Ryan Causton and no-shows by Mark Vincent and Terry Challenger - all in his section of the draw. Michael Wild and Billy Castle had byes for the first round.

First Round
Kyren Wilson 4 - 1 Craig Steadman
Gary Wilson 4 - 1 Jeff Cundy
Shaun Wilkes 4 - 3 James Gillespie
Tom Maxfield 4 - 1 Alex Dunkley

Quarter finals
Gary Wilson 4 - 2 Kyren Wilson
Shaun Wilkes 4 - 2 Tom Maxfield
Michael Wild 4 - 0 Billy Castle

Semi finals
Robbie Williams 4 - 2 Gary Wilson
Michael Wild 4 - 2 Shaun Wilkes

Robbie Williams 5 - 3 Michael Wild

Rankings (my calculations so not official)
1. Gary Wilson 1437
2. Robbie Williams 1373
3. Billy Castle 1070
4. Kyren Wilson 1003
5. Tom Maxfield 771
6. James Gillespie 732
7. Alex Dunkley 698
8. Jeff Cundy 694
9. Michael Wild 689
10. Craig Steadman 630

Of course the hoped-for prize of a place on the Pro Tour for the top ranked player hasn't happened as the Pro Tour won't take a nomination from the EASB, no confirmation yet of what prize will be offered. And no indication yet as to how the EASB will use the 2 Q School places the Pro Tour have allocated them. Perhaps Wilson, maybe even Williams too, might have their entries fees re-funded?

Of the players in the top 10, 10th placed Craig Steadman already has a Pro Tour place through his PTC performance, Gary Wilson, Robbie Williams, Kyren Wilson, Tom Maxfield and Jeff Cundy have already entered Q School and Billy Castle, James Gillespie and Alex Dunkley have not. Not sure about Michael Wild he's not listed but there's a player listed for Q School called Mitchell Wild directly underneath the entry for Mitchell Travis, might be an error.