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Re: Betfair PTC Grand Finals Final Discussion !!!!

Postby Wildey

GJ wrote:
Andre147 wrote:
GJ wrote:I will be gutted if robbo loses his record tonight

It will have to end one time or another.. but then again, it doesn't necessarily have to end you know, he could finish his career with a 100% record in finals.. cant see it happening though

The longer it goes on the more confident he will be in finals :hatoff:

Just Reach Finals consistently some you win some you lose

Hendry has won Most Ranking Finals and Also Lost Most Ranking Finals just Keep the win column ahead of the lose column

Re: Betfair PTC Grand Finals Final Discussion !!!!

Postby Snooker Overdrive

Andre147 wrote:
Snooker Overdrive wrote:I really didn't have much of a chance to watch snooker this weekend but I'll watch the final. This event didn't excite me at all and Ronnie not turning up was the final nail in the coffin from my point of view.

Yes, although Ronnie is also my favourite player, when he doesnt attend events I always go for other players, and even if he attends them and loses I still love watching other players, as I´m not Ronnie addicted fan who only watvhes snooker when he´s playing. There are so many great players around, not just him.

And this final sees two of my favourites also, expect to be a quality match

My lack of motivation didn't have that much to do with Ronnie not playing. This tournament just doesn't feel like a proper ranking event and it seems a lot of people agree because it was very quiet all weekend.