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Why are the BBC ignoring the PTCs?

Postby PatBlock

Unless I'm missing something, there seems to be no mention of the current PTC on the BBCs website. I don't expect them to broadcast the event, but I would've thought they'd have the match results & schedules up. Would that be so much to ask for?
But no, just a token mention of Trumps win over Ding, and that's it. What's the point of having a snooker section on their website, if they're not actually going to cover the snooker that's being played?

I'm going to email them to ask why, and think it would be good if a few more people could do the same. Anyone else up for a bit of BBC badgering?


Re: Why are the BBC ignoring the PTCs?

Postby SnookerFan

The BBC website has never been great at following events that aren't televised on the BBC. It'll show the result of the final, but that's about it. Outside of the final, the coverage of things like the Shanghai Masters will only be listing results, with little analysis.

Re: Why are the BBC ignoring the PTCs?

Postby Bourne

According to the BBC Sport website the last newsworthy event in snooker was that the Shanghai final would be probed rofl <doh>