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Pin Billiards

Postby SnookerEd25

I first came across Pin Billiards several years ago, when they aired some on Eurosport. it was played on a pocketless table, looked very small.

While idly surfing YouTube last night, I came across some Russian Pin Billiards and ended up watching all 1hr27mins of it. This one was played on a table with pockets, I would guess slightly smaller than a Snooker table (maybe about 10ft x 5).

Can anyone enlighten me on this fascinating game? The difference between the pocket & pocketless versions, which countires it is popular in? etc.


Re: Pin Billiards

Postby TheSaviour

No, I don´t know much about that. But it seems that pocketless versions are popular particularly in Belgium.

It seems that some of the players are now forced to change their tactics a bit! A hints and sights about that are already there!