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Article 'What Is Chinese 8 Ball' (development and politics)

Postby roy142857

Great article on the development of Chinese Eight Ball written by Rich Wharton at Billiards Boutique, about the development of the game rather than the rules though. ... se-8-ball/

The article talks about the 'politics' in UK 8 ball, but it's been a problem in China too, though for different reasons. Not sure what the current 'political' situation is, but I know with table manufacturer Joy being the main promoter of Chinese Eight Ball, players sponsored by Star were told not to participate if they wanted to keep their sponsorship.

A couple of asides from me

First, from the point of view of snooker/pool hall owners, looks like Six Red snooker would play really well on these tables, making them potentially dual use.

Second, would not be surprised to see strong Chinese support for including cue sports in the 2020 Olympics, but that may come at the price of wanting Chinese Eight Ball rather than other 8 ball types included.

Re: Article 'What Is Chinese 8 Ball' (development and politi

Postby TheSaviour

I don´t like the idea of politics in 8balls. Whether it is Chinese 8 ball or whatever. I still a very much consider and regard myself as a captain who can navigate this ship through calm and stormy seas into the ports safely.