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Going back to Vegas

Postby Sickpotter

Well it's not snooker and obviously no competition for the WC but my local 8 ball league team just won our playoffs and I'm Vegas bound at end of May :mosh2:

I think we're being put up at Bally's but I've got about a week worth of comps at Bellagio from playing Vegas slots on my girlfriends facebook account.

On that note, MyVegasSlots is a great free slots game on FaceBook if anyone goes to Vegas once in a while. Daily spin for free chips, play slots to win frequent player points which you use to buy comps (shows, rooms, food, etc.) :hatoff:

One deal looked pretty sweet....spend a $1000 for a week in a nice suite in Bellagio, upgrade to Penthouse suite for the week for 100,000 comp points. Took me about a month and a half of daily play (about 1/2 hr a day) to get 300,000 comp credits. I won't be spending the G note this trip (at least not on a room), but definitely going to do a trip and live large in the penthouse sometime soon ;-)

I'll post the results of the trip when I get back along with any good stories. Last trip my team finished 17-24 or so in the Open bracket, had we won one more match we would've been moved up to Legends division. Hopefully we'll make it this year but huge field (800+ teams) so some good play will be needed.