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Canadian Cue Sports 8-ball team championship

Postby Sickpotter

The 8-ball league I play in operates seperately from the CCS league which means that my team was registered into the event in the C division. None of the team wanted to be relegated to the lowest tier but we didn't have a choice, our ranking in our normal league had no bearing on CCS.

The only plus side to relegation to the lowest tier is that that field was the largest offering the best prize money.

The event was the Canadian Cue Sports (CCS) 8 ball team championship and cost $250 for the 5 man team to enter. We have a spare player in case someone's having an off day bringing our individual registration cost down.

The format is very simple, each team races to 13 wins, alternate break.

The somewhat bizarre part is that if you go through the C division without a loss you get automatic entry into the B division.

We showed up for our 9am match and barely scraped through in the 25th game :roll: Not the best of starts given it's the lowest division. We followed that match up by crushing our next 4 opponents with scores of 13-0, 13-1, 13-4 and 13-5 to win the C division qualifier and advance to the B division. Very long day, first match started at 9am and the last finished at 1:30am but we made it through and got $650 for the team and entry into the B division.

We pretty much walked through the B division (5 matches) as well with no team winning more than 8 games from us.

We got some plaques declaring us the Canadian Open Division Team 8-ball champions and another $1600 for the team to split. :-D

All in all a entertaining event....not snooker but enjoyable enough ;-)

Thanks to our finish we're not allowed to enter any division but the top one for the next 3 years but that suits me and my team just fine, we'd all rather compete against the best anyway. :spot on: