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Hendry to promote Chinese 8-balls pool

Postby Monique

I knew from Marco Fu's "tweets" on weibo that Hendry was in China for promo work but didn't know exactly what he was doing there.
If this is true it's very clear to me that he's moving on and preparing his post snooker career where the money is. And why not?

Stephen Hendry named Chinese Pool Billiards global Ambassador
08:36, February 09, 2012
BEIJING, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- As one of the greatest players in snooker history, Stephen Hendry now has a new role - the global ambassador for Chinese Pool Billiards.

The seven-time snooker world champion signed an agreement here on Wednesday with the Joy Chinese Pool Sports Development Co. Ltd to promote the Chinese Pool, an eight-ball game which combines the precision of snooker and the flexibility of nine-ball billiards.

"My mission is to promote the development of Chinese Pool across the whole world. This is not only a great honor for me but also a brand new start for my career," Hendry said at Wednesday's signing ceremony in Beijing.

Hendry, nicknamed the Emperor of Snooker by fans for his record-breaking titles and brilliant talent, said that he has known the Chinese Pool for some time but his real understanding of this billiard game came only after his talks and discussions with Qiao Bing, director of the Joy Chinese Pool Sports Development Co. Ltd.

"I come to know that this game with strong Chinese characteristics has become the most popular one among the Chinese people," said the 43-year-old Scot.

Hendry was snooker's world number one for eight consecutive years between 1990 and 1998, but his current world ranking has fallen out of top 20.

"My professional snooker career has almost come to an end. But I am more of a lover of billiards than only a snooker player. Over 30 years of professional career, I have already formed a special love for billiards, which goes beyond the categories of billiards and national borders. Chinese Pool is one of the most important ones for me from now on," said Hendry.

"I am convinced that Chinese Pool will have a promising future and the thought of working together with Joy to create another miracle in the billiard field often makes me thrilled."

Without giving details about the deal, Hendry promised that he will attend big events and activities to promote Chinese Pool together with many players and fans.

"I would also like to introduce this charming billiards game to my friends because from today on, I am the Goodwill Ambassador of Chinese Pool. I am proud of that!" he said.

Re: Hendry to promote Chinese 8-balls pool

Postby Roland

I never realised Hendry had an appreciation of other cuesports to this degree. Respect :bowdown:

What is Chinese Pool?

The only game other than snooker that's ever grabbed me is World Rules 8-ball pool because it's so immensly tactical, I love it. I'm guessing Chinese Pool is along those lines but more a snooker hybrid.

Re: Hendry to promote Chinese 8-balls pool

Postby Wildey

Sonny wrote:Come on wild, comment....

load of bullocks ...

whats the point in this ?

hes not renound as a pool player so why promote it ? CASH